God Healing in Ukraine

God Healing in Ukraine

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God Healing in Ukraine
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Powerful healing testimony from Ukraine conference in May 26-28, 2022.

UKRAINE: Awesome testimony of Jesus healing the people in Ukraine during the Presence Ukraine conference with Mattheus van der Steen of Harvest Field International, in Lviv, May 26-28, 2022 ❤️‍🔥


Vadim is 28 years old. From childhood, his spine, muscles, and pelvis began to curve. As a result, his spine looked like the letter “s”. In December 2021, they decided to see a doctor and took a photo.
His wife, Anya, a believer from the Church of Lviv, persuaded him to go to the conference, because two months before the conference, the Lord showed her a vision that such services would be held in Lviv. Vadim did not agree very much because he was not a believer. He did not go to church often. But when he heard about his wife’s vision, he agreed to go.
On Saturday at the first service, when Martin Koornstra prayed for healing, Vadim put his hand on his back and felt the need to move in different directions. Immediately he heard a crunch in his spine, and felt changes in his muscles and pelvis. His wife wrote:
“When we got home we saw that the spine was completely flattened and the muscles were in place!” This can be seen in the photo. Because of this testimony, his parents, who were against the living faith, began to read the Bible and ask for salvation.
Remember Elisha receiving the mantle of Elijah!
They all sing the tune of
Forever you will be the Lamb upon the throne,
I gladly bow my knee and worship you alone.

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How Ukraine became a missions hub for Russia

How Ukraine became a missions hub for Russia

Heroes of faith

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How Ukraine became a missions hub for Russia
Renewal Journal – a chronicle of renewal and revival:  www.renewaljournal.com

At the beginning of the last century, a young immigrant from Russia to the US named Ivan Voronaev found himself in the midst of a revival.

This revival had started in a little store-front church on a street named Azusa in Los Angeles, but quickly spread across the nation and also impacted New York where in 1917 Voronaev pastored a small Russian Baptist congregation. He encountered the work, power and leading of the Holy Spirit there, as described in the New Testament.

Photo: The Voronaev family

Several months later at a home prayer meeting, Voronaev received a prophetic message, “Voronaev, Voronaev, go to Russia!” This would not be an easy task. The tsar recently had been overthrown by the bolsheviks, and political, religious, and social turmoil had produced much suffering.

In 1920 Voronaev went to Ukraine with his message of revival and set up headquarters in the port city of Odessa. In a few years of preaching, teaching and mobilising, he saw over 17,000 people encountering the Holy Spirit and following Christ. They fanned out across the Soviet Union, preached the gospel, and established Pentecostal churches. In 1926, Voronaev organised the General-Ukrainian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith, which provided fellowship for the growing number of churches. By 1928, the Union consisted of about 400 congregations with approximately 20,000 members.

Shortly after this revival, Voronaev and his wife Katherine were arrested by the communists and sent to the gulag where he died. His wife sat out her sentence of 25 years. Their story is shared in more detail on the website of the Assemblies of God.

Photo: Odessa before the Russian invasion

Meanwhile, Stalin uprooted millions of Ukrainians (as Putin is doing today), scattering them across the Soviet Union to Siberia and beyond to the Far East, unwittingly spreading the revival. Voronaev’s disciples became the foundation of the underground church of Russia. At the same time Stalin replaced the Ukrainians with millions of Russians, thus creating the problem we are facing today.

Ukraine has long been the spiritual center of Eastern Europe and beyond. Seven out of ten evangelical churches in Russia today have Ukrainian pastors. Ukrainian churches can be found all over the former Soviet Union; and all across Europe, the US and the world.

As the leadership of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church met this week in Kyiv representing 1800 congregations, their senior bishop, Mykhailo Panochko, shared the belief of state officials that the church was a key element in the healing of their nation. “Don’t miss your chance to be part of great things God is performing,“ he told them. “God’s plans are surely higher than ours!”

Sources: Jeff Fountain, AG News

Joel News # 1259, May 23, 2022

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How Ukraine became a missions hub for Russia

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