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Renewal Journal –  Devotional Books, free PDFs

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The Life of Jesus: History’s Great Love Story – Blog
The Life of Jesus: History’s Great Love Story – PDF

The Life of Jesus: History’s Great Love Story – Blog
The Life of Jesus – PDF eBook
This is a very informative, amazing, and powerful book. Thanks to the author for investing hours of research, expressed with his masterful command of language. ~ Alex Johnson
This is a great read. Simple and easy language that even my children can read as a guide, and have a better understanding of the Life Journey of Christ, as they read it in the Gospels.~ Florence
* This is a wonderful book and can be read over and over. Thank you. ~ Kerry Rawson
* I keep this book with my Bible. It is especially helpful when reading through the Gospels.
 ~ Cathy Hartwig
* The book is beautifully written and I have learned and understood a lot. I am recommending this book. ~ Kattie Mayson
* Be enriched. A most helpful telling of the life of Jesus using the biblical text and adding some background and charts. Anyone using this book will be enriched. ~ Rev Dr John Olley
Geoff Waugh has written a very helpful devotional book about the Saviour of the world who is also the loving presence in believers. His use of chronology for headings and the many sub-headings makes the book simpler to absorb, even for an enquirer or new believer. I warmly commend this book. ~ Rev Dr Tony Cupit

A Inspiration (Colour) All Mod
Inspiration – Blog
Inspiration – PDF
Short stories to touch your heart
* I really enjoyed this book. It helped me to understand more about what I have been going through.  ~ James Bird

The Queen’s Faith – Blog
The Queen’s Faith – PDF  Platinum Jubilee edition 2022
Queen Elizabeth II describes her faith

The Queen’s Christmas and Easter Messages
The Queen’s Christmas and Easter Messages – PDF
Platinum Jubilee edition 2022
2-page view at the top right of the PDF.
Queen Elizabeth II describes the significance of Christmas & Easter
* The Queen’s Christmas & Easter Messages is an appealing, highly unusual and very creative anthology. ~ Alison Sherrington
* What an amazing collection! This has so many wonderful Christmas messages and is a great addition to any family during the holiday season.  ~ Jenny & Benny


New Christian’s Guide – Blog
New Christian’s Guide – PDF
A basic guide for new Christians


100 Bible Quotes: Bible Verses to Memorize – Blog
100 Bible Quotes – PDF
Bible verses & passages on themes

Bible Story Pictures & Models – Blog
Bible Story Pictures & Models – PDF
Pictures to colour & models to make
* Bible Story Pictures & Models stands out above the rest, looks and sounds original, fun and very inspirational … Your stories are great for teaching children basic bible stories. Your illustrations and models are all terrific for them to color and create. It is all very well done and inviting for your targeted young readers.  ~ Ellery Alouette.


Discovering Aslan
– Blog
Discovering Aslan – PDF
Devotional commentary about Jesus
The Lion of Judah

from The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
* This is a remarkable work and something quite unique that I’ve not come across before ~ Russ Burg
* One of the most interesting devotionals ever! As a huge fan of all things Narnia, I am so grateful for this deeper aspect of the truths in C.S. Lewis’ stories. ~ Belinda S.
* Best companion work I know of. … Either for a young person who is interested in exploring more, or as a resource on a pastor’s desk, it is an invaluable companion to the original series.  ~ Amazon Customer
* This is a great companion when you read, and is a stand-alone teaching on the depths of teaching that C.S. Lewis weaves into Aslan’s character. Definitely worth your time.  ~ Steve Loopstra

Books on each Narnia story;

Discovering ASLAN in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’Blog
Discovering ASLAN in ‘Prince Caspian’Blog
Discovering ASLAN in The Voyage of the ‘Dawn Treader’Blog

Discovering ASLAN in ‘The Silver Chair’Blog
Discovering ASLAN in ‘The Horse and His Boy’Blog
Discovering ASLAN in ‘The Magician’s Nephew’Blog
Discovering ASLAN in ‘The Last Battle’Blog

The Lion of Judah Series

A 1 Titles
(1) The Titles of Jesus – Blog
The Titles of Jesus – PDF*

A 2 Reign of Jesus
(2) The Reign of Jesus – Blog
The Reign of Jesus – PDF*

A 3 Life
(3) The Life of Jesus – Blog
The Life of Jesus – PDF*

A 4 Death of Jesus
(4) The Death of Jesus – Blog
The Death of Jesus – PDF


A 5 Resurrection
(5) The Resurrection of Jesus – Blog
The Resurrection of Jesus – PDF


A 6 Spirit of Jesus
(6) The Spirit of Jesus – Blog
The Spirit of Jesus – PDF


A 7 Lion
(7) The Lion of Judah – Blog
The Lion of Judah – PDF
6 books in one volume
* Looking for a great book to help you meditate on the wonder of Jesus in all his richness and grandeur and love? Geoff Waugh has helpfully and thoughtfully brought together wide-ranging biblical passages… Read this book prayerfully and you will not be the same! ~ John Olley.
* This book is full of information, biblical information. I have learned so much from it … If you want to learn more from the Bible, this is the book to read.
 ~ A. Aldridge


More Devotional Books

Jesus on Dying Regrets – Blog
Jesus on Dying Regrets – PDF
Advice about the top 5 regrets of the dying


Crucified and Risen – Blog
Crucified & Risen – PDF
The Easter Story


A Holy Week, Passover & Resurrection All1
Holy Week, Christian Passover & Resurrection – Blog
Holy Week, Christian Passover & Resurrection
3 books in 1


A Holy Week All
Holy Week – Blog
Holy Week – PDF
Summary of the events of Holy Week


A Christian Passover All
Christian Passover Service – Blog
Christian Passover Service – PDF
A Retelling of the Last Supper


RISEN: long version – Blog
Risen! –_PDF
12 resurrection appearances


Shorter version
RISEN: short version – Blog
Risen –_PDF


0 A Mysterious Month All3
Mysterious Month – Blog
Mysterious Month – PDF
Jesus’ resurrection appearances & our month in Israel


Kingdom Life Series

Kingdom Life in Matthew – Blog
Kingdom Life in Matthew – PDF
Personal and group studies

Kingdom Life in Mark – Blog
Kingdom Life in Mark – PDF
Personal and group studies

Kingdom Life in Luke – Blog
Kingdom Life in Luke – PDF
Personal and group studies*

Kingdom Life: John
Kingdom Life in John – Blog
Kingdom Life in John – PDF
Personal and group studies*

A Kingdom Life
Kingdom Life in The Gospels – Blog
Kingdom Life in The Gospels – PDF
4 books in 1

A A Preface to The Acts
A Preface to The Acts – Blog
A Preface to The Acts – PDF
An introduction to the book of The Acts

20 Renewal Journals – with links

1 Revival,   2 Church Growth,
3 Community,   4 Healing,  
5 Signs & Wonders,
6  Worship
7  Blessing,
   8  Awakening,  
9  Mission
,   10  Evangelism

11  Discipleship
,   12  Harvest,  
13  Ministry
,   14  Anointing,
15  Wineskins,   
16  Vision,  
17  Unity
,   18  Servant Leadership,  
19  Church
,   20 Life










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