Radicals can’t stop the Jesus Film – Central Asia

Central Asia: Radicals can’t stop the Jesus Film

Jesus Film Project team members had arranged for a film showing outside a Central Asian village. Upon arrival near the community, an area they knew to be dangerous because of religious radicals, they sensed something was not right.

With no moon, all the team members could see were faint silhouettes of buildings and trees. They felt an unsettling and eerie foreboding but began playing music through the speakers to attract people from the nearby community to the film showing.

Nobody came, which almost never happens. Suddenly, they heard the sound of rustling bushes and the cracking of branches breaking under the feet of 12 radicals rushing toward them. Waving machetes, they screamed, “We are going to kill you and every infidel with you!” The three team members fled for their lives, running as fast as they could to their Jeep. With hearts pounding and fumbling to get the Jeep started, they sped away.

A year later, through prayer, they recognised that those people still needed to hear the Gospel, so they asked the Lord what they should do. In agreement, they felt God urging them to go back, although the risk was great. The members loaded the ‘JESUS’ film and equipment back into their Jeep, along with three boxes of Bibles, and headed for the village, several hours away.

‘Can you give me a ride?’ the police officer asked

On the road, they came to a police checkpoint – a potentially dangerous stop in the road considering the load of Bibles. The officer asked where they were going. Trying to be noncommittal, they said, “We are headed south.” To their surprise, he said “Well so am I. Can you give me a ride?” There was no way they could refuse the officer’s request. Insisting on climbing into the back of the Jeep, the officer sat on a box full of Bibles. They feared if the officer looked into the box, they could be arrested or possibly killed.

So they prayed and drove on. Soon, the team approached another police checkpoint. Popping his head out from the back of the Jeep, the first police officer told the other officers, “I’m with them. You don’t need to search the vehicle.” The police waved them through. This happened at three more police checkpoints, and all three times he got them through. At his request, they drove the officer to his home, where he invited them in for tea. Once there, he asked what they were planning. “We’ve come to show a film about the Great Prophet Isa (Jesus).”

In gratitude for their kindness, the officer asked, “What do you need?” This was the same village where radicals chased them out a year earlier, nearly killing them with machetes. “We need permission,” they answered. “Oh, that’s no problem. My brother is the mayor. Where do you want to show this film?” They asked, “Could we use the town square?” (This is where they had tried unsuccessfully before.) The policeman replied: “Sure, but you know we have some radical elements here. So I’m going to have my police guard you as you show the film.”

That night 167 people came to Christ

The team prayed and set up their equipment. Once again, as they had a year earlier, they played music as darkness fell to draw the people. This time a crowd gathered, sat down and watched ‘JESUS’, hearing the Word of God in their heart language. For the first time in their lives, they learned who Jesus really was. The Holy Spirit ministered to their hearts. Jesus was not just a great prophet, but the Son of God who demonstrated power and authority over sickness and death, was raised from the dead, and offered all who believed in Him eternal life. That night 167 people came to Christ!

These new believers need the support of trained church leaders, but training programs are lacking. And due to the threat of extreme violence, any evangelism must be carried out with sensitivity and wisdom. Please pray for the safety, growth and spiritual maturity of those in underground house churches. Ask God for a miraculous explosion of religious freedom and that believers would be bold in sharing their faith with family and friends.

Source: Jesus Film Project

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The Jesus Film

The history of the Jesus Film Project

1979: “JESUS” premieres in 250 U.S. theaters.

1980: “JESUS” has first international showing in Hindi to 21 million Indian viewers. First “JESUS” film teams launch in the Philippines.

1984: “JESUS” film translations reach 100.

1985: The ministry “The JESUS Film Project” is founded.

1989: First Soviet Union language premier in Georgia, the birthplace of Stalin.

1991: First convocations on Christian morals and ethics, linked with the “JESUS” film, are held for Russian educators. It becomes the International School Project.

1993: “JESUS” reaches an astonishing one-half billion viewings.

1997: “JESUS” reaches one billion viewings and is translated into 400th language. Dramatic audio/radio versions of “JESUS” developed.

1999: “JESUS” reaches 500 translations. “The Story of Jesus for Children” is produced.

2001: “JESUS” is shown in every country around the globe. Audio/radio translations reach 200. The “JESUS” film is distributed in New York after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

2002: Total viewings: 5 billions, Translations reach 700.

2003: “JESUS” film translations 800, audio/radio translations 300, “JESUS: Fact or Fiction?” apologetic DVD produced and packaged with “JESUS” film.

2004: The Global Short Film Network begins.

2007: 1,000th translation of “JESUS”. The film “Magdalena: Released from Shame” premiers at the United Nations, NY—and in 22 countries.

2009: Film translations: 1,071, Audio/radio translations (“The Story of Jesus”): 423, Translations of “The Story of Jesus for Children”: 135, Translations of “Magdalena: Released from Shame”: 48.

2012: Erick Schenkel named executive director of Jesus Film Project. Jesus Film Project app is released.

2013: 10,000th projector shipped.

2015: Enhanced 35th-anniversary Blu-ray edition of “JESUS” released. Version 2.0 of the Jesus Film Project app makes it easier for people to find videos of Jesus in their own language. Jesus Film Project sets goal to reach 5 billion people by 2025.

2017: 1,500th language produced for the Daasanach people.

Today: Jesus Film Project carries more than than 30 short and feature length films, and has partnered with more than 1,500 ministries to see more than 500 million indicate decisions to follow Jesus.


Jesus Film Project’s goal is to help people experience Jesus in their own language using media tools and momentum-building strategies. The fact that “JESUS” has been recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Translated Film” in history reveals how seriously we take the objective to share the gospel with people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.


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Standing on our knees’ in Kharkov



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Donate to the Disaster Appeal

Salvation Army providing meals to fire crews


Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams are responding to devastating bushfires around Australia as an unprecedented number of emergency-level fires cause tragic loss of life and property.

The situation remains extremely fluid.

Salvation Army teams have been activated at multiple locations, with a number of teams on standby ready to activate should they be required at other evacuation centres.

“Our teams are providing meals to evacuees and frontline responders, and will continue to provide whatever support is needed as the situation develops,” said Major Topher Holland, General Manager Strategic Emergency and Disaster Management.

Your generous donation means that we can deliver crucial support right when it’s needed, and that we can stay as long as it takes to help local communities make a full recovery.

Please donate now and show your support for our communities in crisis.

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Supernatural Signs and Wonders break out among 1,000 Jews

Supernatural Signs and Wonders Break Out Among 1,000 Jews

What these men and women thought was a lecture on the supernatural soon became a powerful presentation about the kingdom of God.
What these men and women thought was a lecture on the supernatural soon became a powerful presentation about the kingdom of God. (Courtesy/Bob DuVall) 
Amidst numerous reports of racial conflict, terrorist attacks, and religious tension, there is something tangible in the air in Israel. It’s not the smell of gun powder or the resonating sound of sirens—but the supernatural presence of God.

Unfortunately, the secular news outlets have not captured the magnitude of what I recently witnessed in Israel.

For the first time in nearly 2,000 years, something miraculous took place during my recent trip to Israel: 1,000 unsaved Jewish people gathered in Tel Aviv to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This was the most significant Jewish outreach since the book of Acts. Seats were filled to capacity. This was a very powerful event!

Men, women, and children listened intently as It’s Supernatural host Sid Roth presented his testimony while an interpreter spoke Russian to the non-English speaking audience. Joshua Aaron led the people in Hebrew worship songs.

The room seemed quiet and cold. At first, people were unresponsive.

Initially, there seemed to be a great resistance to the message. A few people were being very distracting, while others left the auditorium for a while and then came back.

Unlike in the United States, these events rarely ever take place in Israel. In fact, the last time someone stood up and gave his testimony to this many Jews at once, it was Peter in the book of Acts.

All of a sudden, something shifted in the atmosphere. As Sid Roth began to talk about the unconditional love of God; you could see people’s eyes opening and their hearts widening. As Sid went deeper into his testimony, people began to respond.

Then, the most supernatural thing began to happen: Roth stopped the testimony and began to share words of knowledge concerning physical aliments. As he prayed for those in attendance, hundreds stood up reporting that they had received instant physical healing. They were healed in their seats without the laying on of hands.

What they thought was a lecture on the supernatural became a powerful presentation of the Gospel of the kingdom of God.

The Scripture declares that the Jew requires a sign; this was evident in the responsiveness of the people to the power of God.

The time came to give the invitation to make Yeshua (Jesus) their Messiah and Lord. To my utter amazement, nearly everyone in the room stood up and prayed the prayer of repentance and salvation. Many people even stayed after for individual prayer. Local Messianic pastors will follow up and disciple those who made a decision to follow Jesus.

So, contrary to popular belief, God is moving in Israel. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is alive and well.

Miracles are happening in Israel!


Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News. Listen at charismapodcastnetwork.com.


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Jesus appears to Middle Eastern Muslim every night for a month


“He had the whole book of John verbatim in his notebook”

The Transparent Faith of Queen Elizabeth II

The Transparent Faith of Queen Elizabeth II

The transparent faith of Queen Elizabeth II

Kanye West blew up this year with Sunday Services and the Jesus is King album, causing internet convulsions about his Christian beliefs. But a biographer of the Queen of England’s faith doesn’t think Her Majesty would ever hit the headlines in the same way.

“You know, she might surprise us and that would be grand,” chuckles Dudley Delffs, author of recently released The Faith of Queen Elizabeth. “But I think she saves things for her annual Christmas broadcast and the charities and not-for-profits she serves as patron … [so] I doubt it’s going to be quite as theatrical as that.”

“The Queen’s has those ups and downs that force one to contend with circumstances …” – Dudley Delffs

Only days away from the latest Christmas message by the longest-reigning monarch alive, there’s no fear of her going full Kanye. She is, arguably, the most famous woman in the world, but the Queen has never been one to grandstand about what she’s about. Indeed, it is “that dignity and quiet strength and that sense of consistency” about the Queen’s personal faith that Delffs has been gripped by.

Delffs is an American author with British ancestry (he’s a descendant of King James I!). He’s also a fan of Netflix series The Crown and Helen Mirren’s Oscar-winning movie The Queen, two artistic portraits of Her Majesty that partly inspired Delffs’ desire to document a key aspect of her person.

Like many people he met while researching his book in the UK last year, Delffs is drawn to how the Queen lives out her ingrained yet no-fuss faith. “I did talk with a number of people who drew inspiration, strength and courage from her ongoing example.”

“She has lived what she believes for her entire life.”

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor has been on the throne for almost 68 years. Not only is she ruler of the United Kingdom – through all its disunity, as now – the Queen is also head of the Church of England. But behind the titles is a real person, a mother and grandmother who experiences joy, tragedy and boredom just like the rest of us.

According to Delffs, the 93-year-old monarch is much more like you or me than you may have noticed. “Like so many of our faith journeys, the Queen’s has those ups and downs that force one to contend with circumstances – and to ask those large questions about why this happened or that did not happen,” explains Delffs, who also wrote The Faith of Dolly Parton.

“[And] to then wrestle with whatever one’s purpose or calling might be in life, and the responsibility of that. Or the burden of that. And how that conflicts with our individual choices and preferences and what we might like to do.”

“I think so much of that is embodied in the Queen’s faith journey.”

Delffs isn’t sure how to distil the Queen’s personal tenets but he can single out key events which he believes have refined her faith.

“In 2002 her Majesty lost her sister, Princess Margaret, as well as the Queen Mother – that was very, very difficult,” says Delffs. “Since then, she seems more transparent about her faith and that she relies on it for her strength, guidance and sense of ongoing purpose to serve the duty she has been called to.”

As any royal watcher knows, Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas messages have increased their level of Christian expression during the past few years. But doesn’t tracing such public testimony back to the family deaths of 2002 seems to brush aside other major moments in her life? Delffs maintains that those events are most defining, while acknowledging the effect of other crises such as the divorce of Prince Charles and his wife Diana, her subsequent death, or Prince Andrew’s recent scandals.

“She endorsed that wonderful booklet … which is very explicit about her faith in Jesus Christ.” – Dudley Delffs

As Delffs shares how the Queen’s approach to her children has informed his own, he also notes a prominent refrain about her approach to everybody.

“It was remarkable to me that across the decades, so many people from members of staff to world leaders and everyday subjects she has encountered, all comment about the way she respects them, shows curiosity and engagement with them.”

With Delffs evidently convinced the Queen is thoroughly shaped by her Christian faith, Eternity asks the American author what he believes have been her notable contributions to the work of God’s Kingdom in our world. His answer is a fitting tribute to a monarch who knows whom she serves.

“One is her very personal involvement and support for the Bible Society and Scripture Union. I open the book with her attending the 150th anniversary service for Scripture Union. She has always been very personally involved with them.”

“She endorsed that wonderful booklet … a few years ago – The Servant Queen and the King She Serves – which is very explicit about her faith in Jesus Christ.

“That’s something I know was used worldwide to became a catalyst for conversations about faith.”

Randy Clark describes personal revival beginnings

Randy Clark describes personal revival beginnings

God led Randy Clark into global revival ministries, particularly from the Toronto Blessing of January 1994. “The Lord said, ‘They’re not wanting you. They’re wanting Me.'”

Revival blessings continue to explode worldwide in evangelism, healing, miracles and signs and wonders as in the New Testament.

Randy Clark reads from his personal journal, recounting the events that lead up to the Toronto Blessing. Before revival comes, it starts with a group of people pressing hard after God, crying out for His presence to come.

Randy Clark wrote:

From the very beginning, the ministry that God gave me and my team has demonstrated that everyday Christians can operate in the supernatural. Today, the power of the Spirit is flowing everywhere from mission fields and shopping malls to grocery stores and even aboard airplanes.

Join me as I read from my personal journal on November 8, 2019, at Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry, recounting the events that led up to the Toronto Blessing. Up to that point, I had never journalled before in my life.


Before revival comes, it starts with a group of people pressing hard after God, crying out for His presence to come. I believed God wanted to touch the leadership – the pastors and the wives – of our region. I prayed in general for the Spirit to fall on the meeting. The great theme of my prayer time beforehand was, “Come, Holy Spirit.”

The meeting was drenched in prayer ahead of time. At the meeting, I shared on “those who are thirsty may come to Jesus and drink” from John 7:37, 1 Corinthians 12:13, Revelation 21:6 and Acts 2:15. It was obvious that the Holy Spirit was at work among the pastors and their wives as well as many others who attended the meeting.

In total, I shared at the meeting for about 40 minutes telling a story of how God had come again into my ministry in a wonderful way and how He was touching people in my church. I also told a story about how far I had fallen from the work in the Spirit that had characterized my earlier ministry when I had first gotten involved with the Vineyard Church in Missouri and how I had repented of that to the church.

The first person I and a team member prayed for was a woman. She came and stood right in front of me. She was very hurt and nothing happened to her initially. She later finally broke through and was touched by God about two hours later.

The next people I and this team member prayed for at the meeting fell quickly to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. Some began to cry. Others, laugh. And others were just quietly ministered to.

Interestingly enough, I wrote of these occurrences in my journal: “I anticipate this may occur in my ministry in the future.” But I concluded: only time will tell if those were isolated sovereign incidents or whether they will be the beginning of a ministry of revival for the church.

The next two hours of the meeting were like stepping into another dimension, or like living in a dream. I kept thinking to myself, I need someone to pinch me to know this is really happening. (Be sure to watch the video to this point in which you will hear about some of the more notable incidents that are still deeply impressed upon my memory today.)

In the video, I recall a story from the 1980’s in which the whole choir at a Baptist church in southeast Missouri was being “wiped out” by the power of the Holy Spirit while they were singing a worship song. I point out how you could hear the wind—literally, “like a mighty rushing wind”—and the church service went until mid-afternoon. I will report how within a few weeks, every miracle you can think of that you would see in the New Testament—including raising the dead—happened.

My friend Happy watched the meeting happen for some time. He had gotten scared and hidden under a chair. At this point in the story, it’s important to know that “Happy was Mr. Control; he had to have everything figured out down to the last second.” But Happy finally approached me and said, “I’ve received things from you in the past. Now I want this. I want to drink.”

I began to pray for Happy. Happy began to bow his body backwards under the power of God and, instead of falling, Happy began to shuffle his feet backwards to keep from falling. This was not safe because the floor was covered by people who were “slain” in the Spirit. Before I and my team would begin to pray for someone, we had to find a place to position them so that when they would fall, they would not fall on someone. It was like “falling trees”!

I told Happy not to walk out from under the Spirit’s power but to stand and fall. But, not to back up to keep from falling. I prayed again, and Happy fell under the power of God. After about 15 minutes, Happy came up and said,”I want another drink.” Happy was prayed for again, and he began to shuffle backwards under the power of God again.

I and a team member pushed Happy up and continued to pray for a few seconds. Happy fell on the floor under the power of God again. This time Happy began to double up with his knees to his chest and his feet sticking up in the air, as he began to belly laugh. It was quite the sight! You couldn’t help but laugh in the natural at what God was doing in their midst. It was funny, because Happy who was “Mr. Control” had now given God the control.

Then I felt led by the Holy Spirit to kneel down beside Happy as Happy was laying on the floor, laughing. I said, “God, take control of Happy. He wants to control, and I ask that you take control of Happy.” When I prayed this, Happy stopped belly laughing and quickly grabbed his shirt at his belly button area. Happy was gripping his shirt and his hands were clenched. I knew by an unction of Holy Spirit this was a stronghold of the enemy in Happy’s life. Then I and my team member prayed for the power of God to totally take Happy and for the stronghold to be broken.

Slowly Happy’s grip began to loosen and he began to relax his hands. Then I began to pray, “Lord, birth Your work in Happy. This [grabbing of Happy’s shirt at his belly button area and not laughing] is breach. Turn it around, and let it be born.” Very soon, there was a breakthrough in Happy. The joy and laughter returned, and he was once again laughing and enjoying the refreshment of the Holy Spirit.

After about 30 minutes, Happy came up to me again and asked for another drink. I prayed for Happy again and within seconds, Happy fell under the power of God again; enjoying the Lord’s presence. At this point in the story, it’s important to realize that simultaneously others were receiving prayer and being touched by the Holy Spirit as well.

Happy later helped start two of the Vineyard churches in the Midwest. So there’s a history between Happy and me. In fact, the most powerful touch from God that I ever had was when Happy blew on me at his church in 1999 when I thought I was going to die. (You’ll want to watch the rest of the video to hear more stories like Happy’s.)

This meeting was just a foretaste of a new move of supernatural Christianity characterized by signs, wonders and healing miracles that God ignited around the globe and that He caused to transpire in my and my team’s four decades of ministry that followed.

Watch the entirety of the above video on YouTube for my full recount of events that led up to the Toronto Blessing

—Dr Randy Clark

P.S. I believe the events that led up to the Toronto Blessing are a prophetic sign to the culture that God can use everybody. Over the years, I and my team have developed two conferences that provide a solid foundation in living a supernatural lifestyle. It’s my heart that people everywhere will be empowered to see a fresh revival come to their spheres of influence. 

Randy Clark photograph
Randy is the founder and President of Global Awakening and author of books on healing, impartation, and revival history. He spends his time writing, traveling, speaking at events, and hanging out with his children and grandkids. His life’s message is: “God will use anyone who’s willing to take a risk in faith.”

Reinhard Bonnke – 1940-2019

A Tribute to Reinhard Bonnke, 1940-2019

Legacy of Harvest

Africa: Reinhard Bonnke’s final crusade in Africa – November 2017

Reinhard Bonnke Preaches for the Last Time in Africa

We have just returned from a very special and very emotional service. Tonight, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preached the Gospel for the last time on African soil after 50 years of powerful ministry. His wife, Anni and his children were with him on the platform. Our national directors and many ministry friends from all over the world were there to be a part of the historic moment. More than 1.7 million people attended the five days of meetings. Countless miracles took place and many thousands of salvations were recorded. I cannot imagine a more fitting way to celebrate 50 years of Evangelist Bonnke’s ministry than with one more massive harvest of souls in Africa. It was truly a remarkable and historic event. It will stand out in my memory as one of the most precious days in my life.

We faced an unusual level of resistance this week – such as I have not experienced in my time with the ministry. But the Lord spoke to us clearly that what we were experiencing was birthing pangs. Although this crusade was Evangelist Bonnke’s Farewell in Africa, it is really just the beginning of something new and wonderful. God has given me the vision for a “Decade of Double Harvest.” I believe that over the next decade, we will see another 75-million people won to Christ and tonight was the beginning. No wonder we are feeling the pangs of birth. I will share more specifics on this in the days to come, but for now it is enough to say we are on the threshold of “even greater” things. As Evangelist Bonnke has often said, “Nothing diminishes in God.”

This also marks the last crusade of the year. As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of another, I am so thankful for those of you that have stood with us so faithfully through your prayers and giving. Please continue to stand with us as we enter this new season of harvest. All hands are needed on deck. The best is yet to come. We love and appreciate each one of you.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg, and the whole CfaN Team



The number is staggering: 75,913,155. That’s how many people have come to Christ through the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke, as reported by his organization Christ for all Nations (CfaN). 

The German-born evangelist said on CfaN’s website. “I want not only to see a gigantic harvest of souls but to pass my burning torch to a new generation of evangelists.”

Bonnke, his wife Anni, and their young son moved to the tiny African nation of Lesotho in 1969. The couple spent seven years working there as missionaries. It wasn’t easy. Bonnke says it was during those difficult years that he started praying to see more souls saved across the African continent. He says God gave him a vision for “a continent washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.”

The early days in Lesotho (1974)

In 1974, Christ for All Nations was birthed, and since then more than 75 million people have accepted Christ through the ministry. All these years later, Bonnke says the vision still burns in his soul. “Whether I am eating or drinking, awake or asleep, the vision is ever-present. It never leaves me.”

Now, at 77, Bonnke is passing the torch to a new generation of evangelists as he prepares to retire after more than 40 years in ministry. Lead evangelist of CfaN, Daniel Kolenda, has been tapped to succeed Bonnke.

The preparations for the final crusade involved “500,000 counselors, 200,000 intercessors, a choir of over 23,000 and a security force of over 10,000,” said John Darku, CfaN’s African director. “There is great excitement from all the churches in the country, and we are expecting a spectacular harvest of people coming to Christ.”

Source: Christ for all Nations

Joel News International, March 15, 2017

Bonnke’s Lagos campaign drew a crowd of 1.6 million people (2000)

See also: Reinhard Bonnke’s beginnings in Africa

See also: Reinhard Bonnke 1940-2019 – Legacy of Harvest

Noah’s Ark Museum – now sailing

Noah’s Ark Museum – now sailing


Noah’s Ark in the port of Ipswich.

A Christian who took the Brexit to heart is Dutch artist and theatre producer Aad Peters. He owns a 70 meters long replica of Noah’s Ark and sailed this ship to the English port of Ipswich. It’s the largest Bible museum in Europe.

The boat was launched nearly ten years ago and has travelled across Europe visiting more than 50 different ports welcoming more than half a million visitors.

“I came to England because I want to make a statement that you guys are not alone,” he told British broadcaster ITV. “We’re here as friends, as brothers, and the Ark is also a sign of hope.

What makes me sad about England is the mistrust which creates all the discussions and people taking sides. In the Ark we share King Solomon’s story who threatened to kill a baby in order to find out who the baby’s true mother was. It is a challenge to today’s Remainers and Leavers to simply get along with each other as well as the rest of Europe. If you don’t love each other, you might kill the baby.”

Source: Aad Peters

Joel News International, #1150,  December 2, 2019

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