Anointed for Revival

Anointed for RevivalAnointed for Revival: Histories of Revival Pioneers

2nd expanded edition, 2011

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This book gives summaries of revival pioneers through history into the 21st Century.  The First Chapter on Revival Fire gives an overview of revivals and revival leaders through history, especially that last 300 years into the 21st century.  The last chapter on Transforming Revival tells of community and ecological transformation in the 21st century.  Other chapters tell of specific revival pioneers.




1  Revival Fire, by Geoff Waugh

2  Jesus, the Ultimate Ministry Leader, by Jessica Harrison

3  Smith Wigglesworth, by Melanie Malengret

4  John G. Lake, by Liz Godshalk

5  Aimee Semple McPherson, by Geoff Thurling

6  T. L. Osborne, by Grant Lea

7  David Yonggi Cho, by Peter Allen

8  The Birth of Christian Outreach Centre, by Anne Taylor

9  The Beginnings of Christian Outreach Centre, by John Thorburn

10  Community Transformation, by Geoff Waugh

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