Prayer and Miracles

Prayer and Miracles

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Prayer and Miracles

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Children pray for a dead boy

Millingimbi Island, northern Australia: This little boy was found dead at the bottom of a muddy waterhole in warm water when a bunch of children came down to swim. They dragged him out and took him to the clinic where the doctor tried to revive him but considered him to be brain-dead. Then the children asked if they could pray for Jesus to heal him. They prayed and he lept back to life with no effect from the ordeal except today a hunger to hear the Word of Jesus who brought him back to life…and who gives eternal life to all who call on His name.

Grandchildren Pray for Pastor who had died


A pastor dead for thirteen minutes makes a stunning recovery as his grandchildren laid hands on him and declared healing through prayers.

Heart Stopped For 13 Minutes

The faith of Pastor Jim and his wife Pam was tested when Jim suddenly passed out while going for a walk outside. He had no pulse. And when the medical authorities arrived, they immediately transported him to the hospital.

Pam frantically called an elder of their church, and the Spirit impressed to him that Jim will live and not die. Hence, they declared God’s goodness despite the unfavorable circumstance.

Meanwhile, Jim’s heart stopped for 13 minutes. He fell into a drug-induced coma. According to Dr. Michelle Guzowski, the physician who attended to the pastor, it was dangerous. Because for every minute that a heart stops beyond a critical limit, you have decreased blood flow, leading to potential brain injury. Even if he survived, he could lose some normal abilities.

Grandchildren Pray

Amid Jim’s critical condition, over 100 church members gathered together to worship and pray. For three hours, they praised God and declared that “no weapon formed against him would prosper.”

Jim wasn’t responsive for days despite the doctor’s simulation. But the church continued to believe in God’s faithfulness and continued praying for him.

One morning, Pam received news that her husband had brain damage. Hence, Justin, their son, and grandchildren prepared to say goodbye to Jim because it could be the last time to see their grandfather. And when they visited Jim, the grandkids laid hands on him and prayed. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

The whole room witnessed the miracle that even doctors and nurses cried about what happened. Everyone saw with their own eyes the miraculous power of God.

How amazing is our God—a Miracle Worker!


“God Raised Me From The Dead” Christian Pastor Tells UN

Lee Stoneking shares his testimony with the United Nations after he got an invite on April 22, 2015, to speak at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

Below is an excerpt and video of his testimony at the assembly:

“On Nov. 12, 2003. I suffered a massive heart attack at the airport in Sydney, Australia. Paramedics tried – 10 times – to get my heart beating again using electric shock treatment, but all to no avail. I was declared dead for 45 minutes and was put into the ambulance as a corpse.”

After being clinically dead for 45 minutes, Stoneking’s heart started to beat. The paramedics – and the doctors who treated him afterwards – were amazed at his recovery. One doctor even told him that his DNA had been altered to strip heart disease from his genetic makeup.

“So I am grateful today to be alive,” Stoneking said, adding that even after six minutes without oxygen, irreparable damage can be done to the brain.

“God has totally raised me from the dead, he continued, you have defied all the laws of medical science,” a doctor told me, but I looked at him and said, ‘I didn’t but I know the one who did. His name is Jesus,”.

Stoneking told the UN assembly “my message here to you today is this: In the New Testament, in the book of Acts, Chapter 2 verse 38 it says, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

Then Stoneking told the U.N. General Assembly that Jesus is the only answer to the violence around the world.

“He is the prince of peace,” Stoneking said. “I give you Jesus.

Lee Stoneking Addresses UN General Assembly:


17-year-old Pakistani boy leads tribe to Jesus

In Pakistan, a 17-year-old boy led his entire tribe to follow Jesus.

*Rehan worked as a waiter at a roadside restaurant. He often worked 12-hour days, trying to scrape together enough money to feed his family.

One day, a truck driver and FMI [Forgotten Missionaries International] partner began visiting the restaurant. Over time, Rehan noticed how well the man, Safdar, treated him and asked him why. Nehemiah with FMI tells the story. “Rehan said, ‘How is your attitude towards a waiter so gentle? Have you joined some other sect than Islam?’ Safdar gave him an audio Bible. Rehan took it home and began listening. Then Safdar suggested Rehan take off from his work and spend time together to answer his queries and questions at the FMI Discipleship center.”

Rehan realized how much Jesus loves him, and he was baptized a couple of months ago. He didn’t stop there though, he gathered his family together and told them as well. His parents were moved by the message, but still feared backlash from the tribal leaders. Nehemiah says when someone in Pakistan starts following Jesus, they often face persecution from their tribe and family.

Sharing with the tribe

Nehemiah says he invited three FMI partners to help him share the Gospel with the tribe. “One evening, he gathered all the tribe’s members under one big tent. First, Rehan showed a movie about Jesus. Then an FMI partner shared a 15-minute devotion about new hope in Christ. That day, a 17-year-old-boy led his whole tribe to the Lord Jesus Christ. They quit their regular practice of offering Muslim prayers.”

Praise God for this tribe of about 60 people, and ask Him to strengthen them.

Pray the story of Rehan and his tribe would not be an isolated one. Nehemiah says, “Pray for the partners and shepherds who are serving with FMI. May the Lord bless them and give them more courage and wisdom.”

By , February 10, 2022 – Mission Network News


Bartender hears Farsi

Bartender overhears man speaking in tongues, receives Jesus after recognizing the Farsi language. Like Acts 2.
By Jon Courson (photo) –
I’ll never forget a meeting I attended at the Lake Arrowhead Hilton in California where about 100 believers had gathered together for a time of waiting upon the Lord.
Since hotel rules dictated that the bar remain open whenever the conference room was in use, the bartender stood in the back of the room polishing glasses while we studied, worshiped, and prayed.
Toward the end of the meeting a fellow stood up and gave a beautiful utterance in tongues.
When the meeting concluded, the bartender approached us, and with tears running down his cheeks, said:
“I must talk to that man who stood up and prayed. How does he know my tongue? I’m Iranian, and he worshiped the True and Living God in perfect Farsi.”
Needless to say, the bartender got saved that night.

Language God gave a missionary

The most amazing story in my collection took place in the heart of Africa in the year 1922.

In that year, the Reverend H. B. Garlock and his wife, of Toms River, New Jersey, volunteered for a dangerous assignment: they were to go to Africa as missionaries to the Pahns, a small tribe in the interior of Liberia. No missionaries had ever before worked with the Pahns. The reason was simple. The Pahns were cannibals. …

Garlock felt a strange boldness. He took a deep breath and began to speak. From his lips came a flow of words which he did not understand.

Garlock saw the natives lean forward, enthralled. He saw that the words – whatever they were – had a stirring effect on those who listened. He knew beyond a doubt that he was speaking to the Pahns in their own language.

For twenty minutes Garlock talked to the Pahns. Then, as suddenly as the speech-power came, it vanished, and Garlock knew that he had come to the end of his discourse. He sat down.


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  1. I am forever fascinated by what God continues to do amongst His own. Surely, we continue to realize the Zoe Life of God in place.

    Glory to God in the highest.

    The whole world is full of His glory!

    Blessings Galore!
    Zachary G. Njuguna.
    Christ’s Bond Servant.

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