God Healing in Ukraine

God Healing in Ukraine

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God Healing in Ukraine
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Powerful healing testimony from Ukraine conference in May 26-28, 2022.

UKRAINE: Awesome testimony of Jesus healing the people in Ukraine during the Presence Ukraine conference with Mattheus van der Steen of Harvest Field International, in Lviv, May 26-28, 2022 ❤️‍🔥


Vadim is 28 years old. From childhood, his spine, muscles, and pelvis began to curve. As a result, his spine looked like the letter “s”. In December 2021, they decided to see a doctor and took a photo.
His wife, Anya, a believer from the Church of Lviv, persuaded him to go to the conference, because two months before the conference, the Lord showed her a vision that such services would be held in Lviv. Vadim did not agree very much because he was not a believer. He did not go to church often. But when he heard about his wife’s vision, he agreed to go.
On Saturday at the first service, when Martin Koornstra prayed for healing, Vadim put his hand on his back and felt the need to move in different directions. Immediately he heard a crunch in his spine, and felt changes in his muscles and pelvis. His wife wrote:
“When we got home we saw that the spine was completely flattened and the muscles were in place!” This can be seen in the photo. Because of this testimony, his parents, who were against the living faith, began to read the Bible and ask for salvation.
Remember Elisha receiving the mantle of Elijah!
They all sing the tune of
Forever you will be the Lamb upon the throne,
I gladly bow my knee and worship you alone.

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