Twenty-first Century Revivals: Transforming Revivals

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Twenty-first Century Revivals:

Transforming Revivals

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Revival Fires – updated
Revival Fires – PDF

1. Eighteenth-Century Revivals: Great Awakening & Evangelical Revivals
2. Early Nineteenth-Century Revivals: Frontier and Missionary Revivals

3. Mid-nineteenth Century Revivals: Prayer Revivals

4. Early Twentieth Century Revivals: Worldwide Revivals

5. Mid-twentieth Century Revivals: Healing Evangelism Revivals
6. Late Twentieth Century Revivals: Renewal and Revival
7. Final Decade, Twentieth Century Revivals: Blessing Revivals

8. Twenty-First Century Revivals: Transforming Revivals

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Revival explodes globally now. Where God’s people take his Word and his promises seriously in repentance, unity and commitment, revivals of New Testament proportions blaze like wildfire across the nations of the earth. This chapter gives some examples of current transforming revivals where whole communities and even the ecology have been totally changed.

Links to current revivals

Snapshots of Glory: Mizoram, Almolonga, Nigeria, Hemet, Cali

Global Phenomona: Kenya, Brazil, Argentina

Transforming Revivals in the South Pacific:
Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji 

Some Revival accounts in the 21st century

Christianity is Growing Faster than Ever – 2020
Why Culture won’t Change without Radical Revival – 2017
Global Faith Revival – 2016
UK – Alpha in Prison – 2014
Europe – Seven Signs of Hope – 2014 
Europe – Two Unlikely People in Rome – 200 million – 2014

North America – The Jesus Film – now in 1500 languages, 500 million responses – from 1979
See The Jesus Film
See Radicals can’t stop the Jesus Film
North America – Whatcom: day and night prayer – 2008
North America – Aurora: Gangsters in the Doorway – 2011
North America – Revival Fires in West Virginia – 2016
North America – Revival hits army base – 2018

North America – Revivals Across the South of USA – 2018
North America – Current Revival in America’s Largest University – 2018

Central America – Missions at the Margins – 2008
South America – Amazon: Revival in the Amazon among “Skull Splitters” – 2012

South America – Christian Light is filling Columbia’s Spiritual Black Hole – 2015

South America – Brazil: Transformation through Prayer – 2016

Israel – Reconciliation & Jews coming to faith – 2020
Israel – Supernatural Signs & Wonders break out among 1,000 Jews – 2015

Israel – Jews finding Jesus in Israel – 2000s
Middle East – Revival in the Middle East – 2000s

Middle East – Many Muslims are Turning to Christ – 2016

Arabia – Sheiks import Bibles – 2000s

Iran – fastest growing evangelical population – 2000s

Iran – where Christianity is growing fastest – 2000s
Egypt – Thousands gather – 2000s

Africa – Reinhard Bonnke’s beginnings – 1970s
Africa – Nairobi: Reinhard Bonnke’s Final Crusade in Africa – 2017
Africa – West Africa: The church on the camel’s path – 2000s
Africa – Mozambique: The Primacy of Love (Heidi Baker) – 2000s
Africa – Mozambique: Revival with Iris Global – 2000s

Africa – Ghana: He woke up totally healed (Daniel Kolenda) – 2014

Asia’s Maturing Church (David Wang) – from 1970s
Asia – Radicals can’t stop the Jesus Film – 2000s
Asia – 3,000 churches from one man’s obedience – 2020
Nepal – Revival Meetings (Raju Sundas) – 2000s
Nepal – Jesus invaded a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas – 2015

India – One Touch from Jesus – 2000s
Bangladesh – Christianity exploding in Bangladesh – 2000s

China – The Spirit told us what to do (Carl Lawrence) – 2001

China – Revival in China (Dennis Balcombe) – late 1900s
China – House Churches – late 1900s
China – New Wave of Revival – 2016

China – Chinese turning to Christianity – 2000s
China – Revival Breaks Out in China’s Government Approved Churches – 2000s
China – How Christians respond to the coronavirus outbreak – 2020

South Pacific – Vanuatu Revival Meetings – 2000s
South Pacific – 21st Century Revivals in the South Pacific – 2000s
South Pacific – Transforming Revivals: blog and book – 2000s 
Australia & South Pacific – Healing Evangelism – 2000s
Australia – Young Christians sharing Good News on the streets in Brisbane – 2015

Christianity is Growing Faster than Ever – 2020

Israel – Reconciliation & Jews coming to faith – 2020

Revival hits army base, 2018

Revivals Across the South of USA, 2018

Current Revival in America’s Largest University, 2018

Day and night prayer impacted a community – Whatcom 2008

Revival Fires in West Virginia, 2016

Iran: where Christianity is growing fastest

China – New Wave of Revival

Revival with Iris Global – Roland & Heidi Baker

See also Snapshots of Glory by George Otis Jr.

George Otis Jr presents vivid stories of the transformation of cities and regions in the two DVDs Transformations 1 and 2, and other DVDs of The Sentinel Group. This transforming revival now spreads worldwide in the twenty-first century. Otis summarises some outstanding examples, rooted in the late twentieth century, and blossoming now.

For some time now, we have been hearing reports of large-scale conversions in places like China, Argentina and Nepal. In many instances, these conversions have been attended by widespread healings, dreams and deliverances. Confronted with these demonstrations of divine power and concern, thousands of men and women have elected to embrace the truth of the gospel. In a growing number of towns and cities, God’s house is suddenly the place to be. In some communities throughout the world, this rapid church growth has also led to dramatic socio-political transformation. Depressed economies, high crime rates and corrupt political structures are being replaced by institutional integrity, safe streets and financial prosperity. Impressed by the handiwork of the Holy Spirit, secular news agencies have begun to trumpet these stories in front-page articles and on prime-time newscasts. Of those on file, most are located in Africa and the Americas. The size of these changed communities ranges from about 15,000 inhabitants to nearly 2 million.

Podcast link: 21st-century revivals – Riverlife Church: Geoff & grandson Dante talk with
staff about revivals they’ve seen  


Revival Fires – updated
Revival Fires – PDF
Summary of over 50 revivals


God’s Surprises – Blog
God’s Surprises – PDF

Biographical stories of current revivals in 20 countries 

God’s Surprises summarises revival events in 20 countries. It’s a brief summary of information in my books Journey into Mission (most detail) and Journey into Ministry and Mission (condensed autobiography). 

Blogs and videos about God’s Surprises:

Jesus’ Last Promise – Blog and Video – Pentecost
You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you


God’s Promise – Blog and Video – I will pour out my Spirit
Seeing God’s Spirit poured out in over 20 countries

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

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