EnCOURAGE: Love One Another

EnCOURAGE:  Love One Another

EnCOURAGE  –  Encouragement adds courage.


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EnCOURAGE: Love One Another:

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Previously published as The Leader’s Goldmine (now updated and expanded)

Hundreds of Ideas for Christian groups

Hundreds of ideas for Christian groups with a wealth of activities, studies, prayers and resources for groups of all ages. Contents are: Ideas for integrated Bible studies; Ideas for Bible studies and prayers; Ideas for church activities – devotional, educational, creative, serving, social, sporting; Ideas for all ages together; Ideas for building relationships.

This book offers a huge range of activities, arranged according to group activities. It provides a wide range of activities for many different kinds of groups. The first section, Ideas for Integrated Bible Studies, gives you four group studies on each of the themes or topics.


How to use this book

Ideas for integrated Bibles studies
The Great Experiment
Good News
The Church
Finding New Life
Living New Life
Faith Alive
Great Chapters – Old Testament
Great Chapters – New Testament

Ideas for Bible studies and prayers
Bible passages
Bible study methods
Bible reading and relationship building
Bible readings and prayers

Ideas for church activities
Program emphases: Devotional, Educational, Creative, Serving, Social, Sporting
Witness and Sharing Weekend
Survey Questionnaire
Commitment Indicator
Interests Indicator
Gifts Check List

Ideas for all ages together
Activities involving young children and others
Activities involving older children and others
Family and church family questionnaires
Useful teaching activities
ABC of resource ideas
Simulation activities. Simulation Game: Build my Church

Ideas for building relationships
Deep – ideas and attitudes
Deeper – ideals and values
Deepest – ideologies and commitments

What is your main love language?

This book is available in Paperback (print & colour) and as digital eBooks (Kindle and PDF).

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