The Leader’s Goldmine

The Leader’s Goldmine

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The Leader’s Goldmine

Ideas for Christian groups, 63 pages (1990, 2010).

This book offers a huge range of group activities arranged according to the group activities. It provides a wide range of activities for many different kinds of groups. The final section, Integrated Studies on Themes gives four groups studies on each of the themes.


How to use this book

Ideas for building relationships

Deep – ideas and attitudes

Deeper – ideals and values

Deepest – ideologies and commitments

Ideas for Bible studies and prayers

Bible passages

Bible study methods

Bible reading and relationship building

Bible readings and prayers

Ideas for church activities

Program emphases:

Devotional, Educational, Creative, Serving, Social, Sporting

Witness and Sharing Weekend

Commitment Indicator

Interests Indicator

Gifts Check List

Ideas for all ages together

Activities involving young children and others

Activities involving older children and others

Family and church family questionnaires

Useful teaching activities

ABC of resource ideas

Simulation activities. Simulation Game: Build my Church

Ideas for integrated studies on themes

The Great Experiment, Prayer, Relationship, Good News, The Church, Mission, Finding New Life, Living New Life, Faith Alive

Great Chapters – Old Testament

Great Chapters – New Testament


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This book is available in Paperback, not as a digital eBook.  However a revised digital version is being prepared.

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