Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

This general list gives you a simple way of checking to see what God is already doing in your life. You can identify some of the gifts you see in yourself.  It is a simple self assessment guide adapted from similar questionnaires.  Give yourself a score on each statement ranging from 5 (strong) to 1 or 0 (weak).  Avoid too many with 3!  Then add your scores in the table to get totals for each line.

Your highest scores will indicate some areas of strength or gifting, as you see it.  You could also get a friend to score you as they see you and you could do that for them.  Remember this provides a very general guide.  You are growing, and other gifts or strengths will emerge as you grow.

You could copy or print out this page to use for yourself and others.

 Gifts Check List [Scoring:  5 = strong, to 1 or 0 = weak]

  1. I like to affirm people.
  2. I am good at listening.
  3. I love to explain things clearly.
  4. I like talking to a group about Jesus.
  5. I sense what God is saying to a group.
  6. I enjoy witnessing.
  7. I give generously to God’s work.
  8. I choose to live simply for the Kingdom.
  9. I am good at organising.
  10. I have compassion for people in need.
  1. I often pray with sick and hurting people.
  2. I am helpful and adaptable.
  3. I like doing things for others.
  4. I enjoy having visitors or guests.
  5. I relate well to other cultures.
  6. I often give a lead in discussions.
  7. I usually feel courageous in serving God.
  8. I sense spiritual oppression quickly.
  9. I have strong faith in God’s promises.
  10. I enjoy praying with people.
  1. I find ways to encourage others.
  2. I relate to others easily.
  3. I love teaching Bible truths.
  4. I like preparing messages from the Bible.
  5. I get insights or impressions from God.
  6. I love helping people to become Christians.
  7. I use my resources freely for Christian work.
  8. I give away my goods to help the needy.
  9. I plan things well.
  10. I feel deeply for lonely people.
  1. I bring peace to troubled people.
  2. I like being helpful.
  3. I am active in serving others.
  4. I have an open home.
  5. I enjoy mixing across cultural groups.
  6. I am often chosen leader in a group.
  7. I like taking risks for God.
  8. I detect spiritual opposition readily.
  9. I act in faith on the Spirit’s leading.
  10. I see my prayers answered regularly.
  1. I love building others up, not knocking them.
  2. I care about people and like to help them.
  3. I like mastering and explaining truth.
  4. I find my messages bless others.
  5. I get impressions or pictures from the Lord.
  6. I have lead people to faith in Christ.
  7. I always give more than a tithe.
  8. I gladly do without many material goods.
  9. I easily set goals and work for them.
  10. I relate closely with hurting people.
  1. I pray for the sick and see them helped.
  2. I am happy doing practical work.
  3. I see needs and do something to help.
  4. I like having people drop in on me.
  5. I adapt well to different lifestyles.
  6. I put plenty of thought into things I lead.
  7. I often speak boldly in Jesus’ name.
  8. I have taken authority over evil spirits.
  9. I believe in God’s word very strongly.
  10. I often tune into God through the day.
  1. I work at encouraging people.
  2. I really care about people.
  3. I am patient in helping others understand.
  4. I have a strong call to preach in some way.
  5. I often get a word or leading from the Lord.
  6. I love talking to unbelievers about Jesus.
  7. I give gladly to many Christian ministries.
  8. I am happy on a small income.
  9. I pay attention to details in organization.
  10. I like to get along side people in need.
  1. I take time to comfort and pray for the sick.
  2. I help people in practical ways.
  3. I am fulfilled when I serve others.
  4. I love having people at my place.
  5. I enjoy making friends with foreigners.
  6. I often delegate work to others in teams.
  7. I am willing to stand up for Jesus anytime.
  8. I have commanded evil powers to leave.
  9. I step out in faith and see things happen.
  10. I pray for others regularly.


Write your scores for each statement then total them horizontally in the last column.

 1              21               41               61               A

 2              22               42               62               B

 3              23               43               63               C

 4              24               44               64               D

 5              25               45               65               E

 6              26               46               66               F

 7              27               47               67               G

 8              28               48               68               H

 9              29               49               69               I

10             30               50               70               J

11             31               51               71                K

12             32               52               72               L

13             33               53               73               M

14             34               54               74               N

15             35               55               75               O

16             36               56               76               P

17             37               57               77               Q

18             38               58               78               R

19             39               59               79               S

20             40               60               80               T


A  ENCOURAGEMENT ‑ supporting and affirming others

B  PASTORAL ‑ caring for people and helping them

C  TEACHING ‑ imparting truth to help people grow

D  PREACHING ‑ proclaiming God’s word

E  PROPHETIC ‑ revealing insights received from God

F  EVANGELISM ‑ introducing people to Jesus

G  GIVING ‑ spirit of liberality and generosity

H  VOLUNTARY POVERTY ‑ going without for the sake of others

I  ADMINISTRATION ‑ helping plans reach fulfilment

J  MERCY ‑ compassion and care for others

K  HEALING ‑ bringing wholeness to hurting people

L  HELPING ‑ assisting others in their work

M  SERVICE ‑ finding ways to serve other people

N  HOSPITALITY ‑ open heart and home for people

O  MISSIONARY ‑ cross-cultural ministry

P  LEADERSHIP ‑ involving others in ministry

Q  COURAGE ‑ gifted with boldness or authority

R  DISCERNMENT ‑ awareness of spiritual forces

S  FAITH ‑ firm belief leading to action

T  INTERCESSION ‑ commitment in prayer for others

 Here is a more comprehensive list from Paul’s three passages on using spiritual gifts in the Body of Christ

Romans 12:6-8, sometimes called Motivation gifts of God (our Father)

  1. prophecy
  2. ministry
  3. teaching
  4. exhorting
  5. giving
  6. leading
  7. showing mercy

Ephesians 4:11, sometimes called Ministry gifts of Jesus (to his church)

  1. apostle
  2. prophet
  3. evangelist
  4. pastor
  5. teacher

1 Corinthians 12:8-10, sometimes called Manifestation gifts of the Spirit (to us all)

  1. word of wisdom
  2. word of knowledge
  3. faith
  4. healings
  5. miracles
  6. discerning of spirits
  7. prophecy
  8. tongues
  9. interpretation of tongues

The questionnaire is from Geoff Waugh’s books Living in the Spirit, Your Spiritual Gifts, Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit, and The Leader’s Goldmine.

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