Trialblazing the online church

Trialblazing the online church

Leia Eisenhower

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Trialblazing the online church:
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Within a year, over 100,000 people followed her discipleship messages and more than 100 started following Christ. For many it became a stabilizing force during the pandemic.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Leia Eisenhower developed an Instagram and Telegram discipleship ministry, reaching over 100,000 people with the gospel.

Eisenhower (47) grew up in Brazil where her father served as a church planter. At the age of 14 God called her to ministry and for several years she served as a missionary with the Assemblies of God in Brazil, before moving to the USA where she joined the Civil Air Patrol as a lieutenant and became a U.S. Missions chaplain. In this role she oversees nine squadrons of over 2,400 people.

When in March 2020 the Civil Air Patrol had to shut down all facilities, Eisenhower began planning an online training based on a book she wrote in 2019 called ‘My Neighbors: The Theology of Relationships.’ The book uses the parable of the Good Samaritan to discuss relationships. She chose Instagram’s platform for its worldwide reach and accessibility of communication through direct messages.

“I started to record a Bible class in different languages, and every night I would get on Instagram and do a live midnight prayer. The discipleship part grew so fast that I had to delegate taks to other people,” she says. Within a year, over 100,000 people followed her discipleship messages and more than 100 started following Christ. For many it became a stabilizing force during the pandemic.

Eisenhower says the process of discipleship through her ministry comes first through direct messages on Instagram and then through an online Saturday morning class on emotional intelligence and counseling. Eisenhower then invites class participants to her Telegram group, where they receive a link to a YouTube course on discipleship. She assigned team members to take calls from people around the world who need prayer. They can be redirected to 18 countries through Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram for prayer and discipleship.

As the community grows, Eisenhower hopes to make the structure of the online church official, with prayer teams and partners, members and donors. “I’m trying to get us fully recognized to be a church,” she says. “People will have more connection having the church in the palm of their hands.”

Source: Leia Eisenhower

Noel News International # 1220,   June 29, 2021

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Coronavirus brings Unprecedented Openness to the Gospel

Pandemic brings churches back to life

Pandemic brings churches back to life

Pandemic brings churches back to life

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Pandemic brings churches back to life:
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Reports continue about churches coming to life during the coronavirus pandemic. New and revived forms of evangelism and welfare abound.

UK: Pandemic brings British churches back to life

Public attitudes to churches have changed for the better with faith groups winning praise for their response to the pandemic.

More than a third of non-Christians (34%) now agree that local churches are making a positive difference in their community – up from 20% three years ago. During this time the overall share of UK adults who think churches are helping their community has gone up from 35% to 42%, according to a study by Savanta ComRes.

The research, commissioned by YourNeighbour – a network of more than 1,000 churches across over 40 denominations – and the children’s charity World Vision, found people had clear ideas about how churches could help meet needs in their communities. They said churches could provide events for the elderly, homeless services, and collect and distribute food, clothes and toys.

The findings come as churches across the denominational divide have joined together to help people get through the pandemic by supporting the Give Hope campaign.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove praised the contribution of churches as the country battles Covid-19, saying: “The Church has been there for all of us – it’s been burying our dead, it’s been comforting the bereaved, it’s been feeding the poor and it’s been praying for the nation. And now the Church is determined to play a critical, central and important role in building back better and enabling us to come out of this pandemic and to be a stronger and more united nation.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also applauded the contribution of faith groups during the pandemic, saying: “It has been wonderful to see how churches have adapted to meet the needs of our communities, with countless examples of them stepping up. Now we have the vaccine, it’s a very powerful thing to see churches transforming into vaccine centres, congregations volunteering and leaders offering the hope we need.”

Source: David Williamson

UK: Stories of answered prayer spread hope during Covid-19

Stories of answered prayer are bringing hope to millions of people during the current lockdown.
The Answered Prayer Campaign was launched in the UK on 25 January and went viral in the first 24 hours, with posts containing the hashtags #answeredprayerchallenge and #makehopevisible reaching 1.3 million people. It is a joint initiative of Premier Christian Media and the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer. Founder Richard Gamble said they want to gather answered prayers from Christians across the world, “to demonstrate that Jesus is alive and relevant today as he ever was.”
Evangelical Alliance director Gavin Calver was one of the Christians who have shared their stories of answered prayer. He recalled one answered prayer as a child that would shape his faith for years to come.
“The prayer that was answered most powerfully that I can remember, was as a nine-year-old boy at Spring Harvest,” he said. At this Christian conference, after a teaching on prayer, “they said if there is anyone in your circle who wants to pray for healing, then do that. Immediately, my friend James ripped off his sock and said: ‘I want healing for my verruca to go.’ I remember thinking that I didn’t want to put my hand on his foot!”
“Nonetheless, we prayed and as a nine-year-old, believing that the Lord can do anything, I prayed that Jesus would take his verruca away. When I opened my eyes, I could not believe what I saw, as the verruca had disappeared. The faith that has grown from that encounter has led to me praying for all kinds of things, because I believe that God can change stuff.”
Source: Richard Gamble, Gavin Calver
Photo: The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is a large-scale monument to prayer being built in Coleshill, near Birmingham.
May be an image of monument and outdoors

UK: 500 Churches welcome Hong Kong refugees

More than 500 churches in the United Kingdom have joined a nationwide initiative welcoming immigrants from Hong Kong.

The legal immigrants are fleeing a Chinese communist crackdown which has taken away the freedom of speech and religious liberties and has landed pro-democracy activists in prison. A website,, has been created to help the estimated 130,000 people expected to seek refuge in Britain this year.

Hundreds of churches signed up to be ‘Hong Kong Ready’ through the website which was launched after the UK government opened the door to Hong Kong holders of the British National Overseas (BNO) passport.

Source: Christian Today

  #1204, March 3, 2021


Only Frequent Church Attendees Avoided Mental Health Downturn in 2020

Christian doctor’s winning Covid treatment

Christian doctor’s winning Covid treatment

By Mark Ellis – September 15, 2020
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Christian doctor’s winning Covid treatment

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Dr. Richard Bartlett is a strong Christian who says God led him to find a winning treatment protocol to defeat Covid-19.

Last March, the Texas M.D. prayed for inspiration about treating the coronavirus, and during a brief nap between patients something remarkable happened. God supernaturally downloaded a treatment strategy that has proven to be highly effective with his Covid-19 patients.

His God-inspired treatment plan uses an inhaled steroid often used by asthma patients called Budesonide (dexamethasone), administered through a nebulizer, a device that delivers a medicated mist inhaled into the lungs. He also uses the antibiotic clarithromycin to combat secondary bacterial pneumonia. He also gives zinc to his patients, because it interferes with virus multiplication.

Dr. Anthony Fauci testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Coronavirus Response on September 22nd, and cited dexamethasone as one of the most promising therapeutics: “Dexamethasone, a commonly used steroid, has been shown in a randomized, placebo-controlled study involving more than 6,000 individuals to clearly and significantly reduce the 28-day mortality,” he stated before the committee.

International clinical trials published this month confirm that three widely available steroid drugs — including Budesonide (dexamethasone) can help seriously ill patients survive Covid-19.

Researchers at Oxford University and Queensland University discovered that Budesonide and two other steroids improved survival rates by more than one-third in severely ill patients.

Based on their evidence, the World Health Organization released new treatment guidance, strongly recommending steroids to treat severely and critically ill patients.

“Clearly, now steroids are the standard of care,” Dr. Howard C. Bauchner, the editor-in-chief of JAMA, told the New York Times.

The new studies used data from seven randomized clinical trials evaluating three steroids in more than 1,700 patients. The study concluded that each of the three drugs reduced the risk of death.

“Yesterday (September 9th) it came out from Oxford University and the University of Queensland, that inhaled budesonide against Covid could cause at least 50% of the people to not have to be hospitalized,” Dr. Bartlett noted.

Using his approach, he says the vast majority of his patients have been able to stay out of the hospital and recover, even if they have oxygen saturation in the 80s.

“The exciting thing is that 50% would not even have to be hospitalized, and not only are they not going to die, they won’t have to be on a ventilator or receive experimental antiviral medicines that we don’t know the long-term effect of, and they won’t have to be in the hospital for five days to receive it.”

Dr. Bartlett is quick to credit God for the inspiration behind the protocol. “This is wonderful news, but it is exactly the treatment the Lord gave me back in March.”

“Every good thing comes from God, even every good idea. He is the inspiration for the truth. I love the Scripture that says he will make a way when there is no way. Jeremiah 33:3 says to call on God and he will show you secret things you did not know. He did that with Coronavirus and little old me.”

Dr. Bartlett set up a network of doctors and providers around the United States who are using his treatment approach, which may be accessed through the website,

One of the nurse practitioners using his protocol has treated 172 patients as of September 20th, covering a 74-day period. All patients successfully recovered except for one, a 94-year-old who reached out for help on day 17 of their illness & was already struggling, the nurse practitioner reported to Dr. Bartlett.

“Everybody deserves to have undivided attention. We have probably treated a thousand that have funneled through me. We are getting calls from around the country, people thanking me I’ve never met, who saw the video and talked their doctors into treating them with my protocol and they recovered.”

Dr. Bartlett also believes in early treatment of Covid, which has gone against the conventional wisdom. Bur once again, another study with 24 authors from Yale, Emory and other universities confirmed the epidemiological basis for early treatment. “That is the opposite of what we’ve been told,” he noted.

“They say if you have mild to moderate symptoms, wait at home. Late care only has been the strategy. This paper with 24 authors says early treatment, and that supports what I’ve been saying.”

Dr. Bartlett has been a Christian since the first grade when his teacher, Mrs. Only — who also happened to be his Sunday School teacher — led him to Christ. “I have been blessed to have parents that are believers, parents that stayed married, love each other and love God. I was protected and provided for; my mother was a prayer warrior. I wish that for everybody.”

“Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. There is no hope without Jesus. God saves, God heals and I don’t. He is the healer. He is the one who cures.”

Dr. Bartlett believes he has found another tool to help fight Covid. “I have uncovered another breakthrough but I can’t talk about it right now. I am convinced that Covid has met its match. Covid is on its last breath,” he says.

He cannot label his treatment protocol a cure, or he would get in trouble with government authorities. “I won’t say they are getting cured because that would trigger people who don’t like good news. They are recovering and they are alive and back to work and back with their families. I call that success and good news.”

Dr. Bartlett and his wife have six adopted children, three from other countries. At age 40, his wife started feeling bad and thought she might have a brain tumor. “We had tried to get pregnant for 20 years,” he recounts.

But instead of a tumor, his wife discovered she was expecting a baby. “God makes a way where there is no way. He answers prayer over and over again.

“Every year she thought she was getting farther and farther away from her answered prayer, but now she knows that every day she was getting closer and closer to her prayers getting answered and her dreams coming true.”

“In the natural, every year your chances become smaller and smaller, but not with God. When I look at a 12-year-old boy I see God answers prayer. God is sensational. We had done everything people do to get pregnant, following the advisors. It was truly a miraculous answer to prayer.”

“Our God is the God of the living, not the dead. He is a living God and he answers prayer. God hears and God sees.”

Dr. Bartlett has gone on a number of medical mission trips with World Missions Alliance and has seen God move in remarkable ways on the trips. “I am convinced the mission God has me on right now is Covid,” he says.

Budesonide is the solution for many to “I can’t breathe.”:

Case Study Medical Report:

Full Protocol PDF:

If you want to know more about the treatment protocol described above, go here

Oxford study confirms Christian doctor’s Covid treatment

By Mark Ellis —

Dr. Richard Bartlett

Dr. Richard Bartlett is a solid Christian who says God led him to find an effective treatment strategy to defeat Covid-19.

In March 2020, the Texas M.D. prayed for godly inspiration about treating the coronavirus, and during a brief nap between patients something extraordinary happened. God supernaturally inspired him with a treatment strategy that has proven to be highly effective with his Covid-19 patients.

Nearly a year later, an Oxford study has confirmed the efficacy of his treatment plan.

His God-inspired plan uses an inhaled steroid commonly used by asthma patients called budesonide, administered through a nebulizer, a device that delivers a medicated mist deeply into the lungs. Dr. Bartlett also uses the antibiotic clarithromycin to combat secondary bacterial pneumonia. He also gives zinc to his patients, because it interferes with virus multiplication.

The Oxford STOIC phase 2 randomized study confirmed that early treatment with inhaled budesonide reduced the need for hospitalization by 90%.

Researchers found that when budesonide was administered within seven days of the onset of symptoms, recovery time was also reduced.

The study followed 146 people – with half taking 800 micrograms of the medication twice a day and half on regular care. Researchers discovered that budesonide reduced the relative risk of requiring urgent care or hospitalization by 90% in the 28-day study period.

Further, the participants also had a faster reduction of fever and other symptoms after 28 days.

Professor Mona Bafadhel

Professor Mona Bafadhel of the University’s Nuffield Department of Medicine, who led the trial, said: “There have been important breakthroughs in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, but equally important is treating early disease to prevent clinical deterioration and the need for urgent care and hospitalization, especially to the billions of people worldwide who have limited access to hospital care.

“The vaccine programs are really exciting, but we know that these will take some time to reach everyone across the world. I am heartened that a relatively safe, widely available and well-studied medicine such as an inhaled steroid could have an impact on the pressures we are experiencing during the pandemic.”

Professor Bafadhel was also heartened by the reduction in persistent symptoms in those receiving budesonide.

“Although not the primary outcome of study, this is an important finding. I am encouraged to see the reduction in persistent symptoms at 14 and 28 days after treatment with budesonide. Persistent symptoms after the initial COVID-19 illness have emerged as a long-term problem. Any intervention which could address this would be a major step forward.”

The trial was initiated because in the early days of the pandemic, patients with chronic respiratory disease, who are often prescribed inhaled steroids, were significantly under-represented among those hospitalized with COVID-19.


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BACK TO MAIN PAGE Over 12 million online decisions for Christ

Over 12 Million online decisions for Christ.
Over 97 million visitors to their website.
Eric Célérier was a 22-year-old new Christian, looking for work. Sure, he had three years of French cooking school under his belt, but he felt God was calling him to do something else. Someone from his church asked him if he would be interested working for the 1986 Billy Graham Crusade coming to Paris. “I said I don’t know who Billy Graham is,” Célérier said. “But I’m looking for a job.”
He still remembers the September 1986 Crusade at Paris’ Bercy Stadium. The view of Billy Graham preaching and thousands flooding the stage to give their life to Jesus. “It really impacted my life. When I saw all the people come to receive Christ, I said a prayer. I told God I want to be an evangelist. I want to win people to Christ like this man.”
More than a quarter of a century later, Célérier is at The Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Here more than 100 people from over 20 countries involved in, the internet evangelism movement he founded, have gathered for a five-day conference with one unified purpose: using the internet to reach people for Jesus. “I praise God every day,” the modest Frenchman said. “It’s really a movement of God.”
Tracing the steps of exactly when the online evangelism movement began is a little like figuring out who really invented the internet. Célérier recalls 1997 as the first time he started building tools for online evangelism, and 2001 when the first evangelistic website went live. But April 2005 was when the Knowing God website – the model that BGEA is using for – went live.
In the 7 1/2 years since launching in France, Célérier has seen more than 36.8 million people click on one of the websites that deliver a gospel presentation through video format. More than 12 million people have indicated they prayed to receive Christ and roughly 25 percent of those have filled out a personal information form, which has been used to send discipleship material as well as help new believers get plugged into a local church. “Recording decisions is just one step. It’s a measurement, not a goal,” he said. “The goal is that they would grow in their faith and get involved in a church.”
A network of 330 churches has signed on to help new Christians grow in their faith. Célérier’s team in France has worked hard to make sure new followers of Christ are given proper follow-up with discipleship information and connected with a local church in their area. “We try to move people along their spiritual journey, just like they would do at a Crusade,” Célérier said. “For them to connect to a local church is extremely important.”
The movement, which began in August of 2009, is quickly spreading around the globe. Many other countries are getting involved under the umbrella. You might want to check out the fascinating Google Earth map with real-time decisions for Christ in 3D. Every minute three people come to Christ.
Source: Eric Célérier, Trevor Freeze
Joel News International # 843 | 18/12/2012 (updated)

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