Jesus appeared – men in white appeared – foiled terror

Men in white unleash snakes, foil Islamist terror

By Michael Ireland —

Nigerian Christians study the Word (BarnabasAid)

Northern Nigeria is a dangerous place for Christians – especially for those who have left Islam to follow Christ.

But God intervened in power to save 72 converts and their children from Boko Haram militants, according to a report by BarnabasAid.

Their remarkable story begins with a group of 500 Nigerian Christian converts from Islam and their children. Boko Haram attacked the group and captured 76, taking them back to their camp.

At the Boko Haram camp, the Christians were tortured, and their four male leaders were told they must deny Christ and return to Islam or they would be shot.

The four refused and were shot dead in full view of the rest of the group.

A week later the four widows of the dead men were told they must renounce their Christian faith or their children would be shot. They were given time to think over this dreadful choice.

As they agonized together that evening, their excited children came running in, telling their mothers that Jesus had appeared to them and told them all would be well.

Jesus then appeared to the whole group of 72, and told them not to fear for He would protect them. He said they should not renounce Him but should stay strong, and that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Deliverance from evil

The next day, the four mothers gave their decision to the militants – they would not deny Christ.

The terrorists prepared to shoot the children, who were lined up against a wall. The youngest was a little girl of four. Suddenly the militants began screaming and clawing at their own heads. Shouting “Snakes!” they fled the scene, and some of them dropped dead.

One of the Christian men reached for the gun of a dead militant but the four-year-old put her hand on his arm to stop him. “You don’t need to do that,” she said, “Can’t you see the men in white fighting for us?

Since this remarkable incident, meeting Christ face-to-face, hearing Him speak, and experiencing His miraculous deliverance, these believers continue to excel in faith.

Displaced Nigerian Christians

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Angels protected pioneer missionaries in Tibet

Angels protected pioneer missionaries in Tibet

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Angels protected pioneer missionaries in Tibet:

We sometimes forget that angels are active on earth as well as in heaven, as with Abraham, Jacob, Daniel and more. Angels helped Jesus many times (eg after wilderness temptation and in Gethsemane), and appeared to women at the empty tomb, and helped Peter in prison.

By Mark Ellis –

When Russell Morse and his wife Gertrude first went into “the closed land” of Tibet in the 1920s, they travelled on pack animals and sedan chairs with their two young sons from Kunming to Batang, on the Sino-Tibetan frontier.

During their first night of the journey they planned to stay in a temple at Leh, “but found that three very suspicious-looking men had already moved in,” according to Gertrude Morse’s account in her faith-building book, The Dogs May Bark: But the Caravan Moves On.

“It was feared they might be spies for a band of robbers,” she noted. Therefore, they shifted their plans and stayed the night at a headman’s house in Tea Tree Mountain Village.

Robbers were known to occupy their route, so the next morning, Russell sent two men ahead to check their path in an area where robbers usually ambushed and robbed people.

On the second night they camped near Drubalong, and slept very soundly in their three-in-one tent. Their Tibetan companions, however, did not sleep so well and got up several times that night to check for signs of any prowling thieves.

After she woke up, Gertrude asked one of the men, “Did you see any robbers?”

“There certainly were robbers around, but they did not bother us,” was his reply.

“How did that happen? Did some of our Tibetan friends stand guard?” she wondered.

“No, but a very excellent watchman helped me through the night,” he said, with a wry smile.

“Do you know who it was,” Gertrude asked.

“No I don’t. In the morning he was gone.”

On their return journey, a few local residents from the area quietly approached the Morse’s helpers and questioned them.

“Who were the guards around your camp when you went through here before?” they asked.

“We had no guards except ourselves,” was the reply.

“But we saw them! They were very big and tall, all dressed in white. The bandits had planned to attack and rob your party, but when they saw those big guards they were frightened, and didn’t dare bother you.”

When Gertrude and Russell heard this remarkable account, it further confirmed God’s care and provision for them as pioneering missionaries.

Gertrude thought of Hebrews 1:14: “…God’s ministering spirits (angels) sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.”

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