Angels protect us

Angels protect us

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Angels protect us:
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Miraculous protection – by Mike Evans

Photo: Mike Evans with troops in Lebanon
Many years ago, God spoke to me to go to the north of Israel where Hezbollah was entrenched in Lebanon to preach the Gospel. I was told by Israeli intelligence that if I did, I would be killed. I knew the Lord had sent me and would protect me, and He did. After preaching the Gospel in Sidon, I went down to Beirut to distribute Gideon Bibles to the Marines and share the Word and pray with them. That night, as I prepared to sleep on the beachhead, I thought about an 18-year-old Marine from Worchester, Massachusetts, whom I had led to Christ. His last words to me that evening had been, “Please tell Mom that her prayer has been answered. I’ve given my life to the Lord as my personal Saviour.”
Early the next morning, the area was rocked by a huge explosion as Hezbollah terrorists targeted the barracks with a truck bomb. Two hundred and forty-one troops were killed in the attack. We left Beirut in the Avis vehicle which I had rented in Jerusalem. Driving down a dirt road towards Israel, we came under fire from terrorist organizations in the area. As 135mm shells fell around the car, I realized ours was the only vehicle on the road, and it was a rental car with distinctive Jerusalem license plates. Spotlights were playing across the vehicle as night descended. We ran out of fuel, and it looked as if we would be killed.
As we prayed, a young man who looked Arabic knocked on the window and held up a gas can. There were no homes or villages near where we had coasted to a stop. He poured the container of fuel into the vehicle, came back to the window, and pointed to the button. I unlocked the door, and he climbed into the car. Without saying a word, he pointed in the direction we were to drive and calmly led us 32 kilometers to the border of Israel. There is no way I could have found it without his help. A few yards before the border, he held up his hand indicating that I should stop. He opened the door and stepped out of the car.
The colonel at the border said to me, “I informed the prime minister’s office that you had died. I didn’t think there was any possibility you could have survived.”
I turned and pointed to the man who had saved our lives and said, “We are alive because of him.” No one was there! You will never know how many angels God has assigned to protect you, the amazing things they have done on your behalf, and will do even today. Those who fight against you shall not prevail, for the Lord is with you to deliver you.
Source: Jerusalem Prayer Team

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Angels protected pioneer missionaries in Tibet

Angels protected pioneer missionaries in Tibet:

We sometimes forget that angels are active on earth as well as in heaven, as with Abraham, Jacob, Daniel and more. Angels helped Jesus many times (eg after wilderness temptation and in Gethsemane), and appeared to women at the empty tomb, and helped Peter in prison.

By Mark Ellis –

When Russell Morse and his wife Gertrude first went into “the closed land” of Tibet in the 1920s, they travelled on pack animals and sedan chairs with their two young sons from Kunming to Batang, on the Sino-Tibetan frontier.

During their first night of the journey they planned to stay in a temple at Leh, “but found that three very suspicious-looking men had already moved in,” according to Gertrude Morse’s account in her faith-building book, The Dogs May Bark: But the Caravan Moves On.

“It was feared they might be spies for a band of robbers,” she noted. Therefore, they shifted their plans and stayed the night at a headman’s house in Tea Tree Mountain Village.

Robbers were known to occupy their route, so the next morning, Russell sent two men ahead to check their path in an area where robbers usually ambushed and robbed people.

On the second night they camped near Drubalong, and slept very soundly in their three-in-one tent. Their Tibetan companions, however, did not sleep so well and got up several times that night to check for signs of any prowling thieves.

After she woke up, Gertrude asked one of the men, “Did you see any robbers?”

“There certainly were robbers around, but they did not bother us,” was his reply.

“How did that happen? Did some of our Tibetan friends stand guard?” she wondered.

“No, but a very excellent watchman helped me through the night,” he said, with a wry smile.

“Do you know who it was,” Gertrude asked.

“No I don’t. In the morning he was gone.”

On their return journey, a few local residents from the area quietly approached the Morse’s helpers and questioned them.

“Who were the guards around your camp when you went through here before?” they asked.

“We had no guards except ourselves,” was the reply.

“But we saw them! They were very big and tall, all dressed in white. The bandits had planned to attack and rob your party, but when they saw those big guards they were frightened, and didn’t dare bother you.”

When Gertrude and Russell heard this remarkable account, it further confirmed God’s care and provision for them as pioneering missionaries.

Gertrude thought of Hebrews 1:14: “…God’s ministering spirits (angels) sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.”

To get a copy of Gertrude’s book, The Dogs May Bark, go here

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