Travelling with Geoff, by Don Hill

A Travelling with Geoff

Travelling with Geoff, by Don Hill

with colour photos

Travelling with Geoff – PDF


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From the Preface:

Don and Helen Hill consider themselves just an ordinary couple who have been blessed throughout their life and had many opportunities to do extraordinary things. Perhaps that is oversimplifying their lifetime experiences, when in reality they have recognized opportunities, prayed for guidance and discernment, and then acted. This has lead to extensive travel to foreign lands on evangelical and teaching missions with the Rev. Dr. Geoff Waugh, to whom the title of this book refers.

Don and Helen have retired and Don has just completed writing up an extensive memoir of their lifetime experiences, mainly a private family diatribe for their children. Re-reading these memoirs showed there were a lot of extraordinary things that should be shared around. They have recently coined the phrase “….and it just so happened…”. But did it? They think not and there is evidence of the hand of God and His leading.

Don was an electrical engineer and Helen a primary school teacher. In 1987 Don, with his then boss took voluntary redundancy and set up their own engineering consultancy. Don leaving the power industry was akin to jumping out of a boat after thirty-five years of job security. It was not done without a lot of very careful and prayerful consideration, but it was still a step into the unknown trusting completely in God.

This was a major change in Don and Helen’s lives and opened many unknown doors and opportunities, especially the opportunity for quality overseas engineering assignments and associated opportunities in places like Malaysia, Burma, Brunei, and the Pacific Islands to name a few.

But more importantly, Don and Helen became aware of, as well as part of, the Brisbane Renewal Fellowship led by Geoff Waugh at about the same time. Both their secular and spiritual lives received a boost. They were “travelling” with Geoff both spiritually and physically.

Geoff had a quiet but powerful ministry and mainly through his work as editor of the “Renewal Journal” became widely known. Invitations were received to come and preach in places like Ghana, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Pacific Islands to again name just a few. When the letter reads “Come over to Macedonia ……you do not know how poor we are…” it is hard to refuse.

Geoff accepted these invitations, but rarely asked others to accompany him. He asked them to pray about it and if they felt called they were quite welcome to come along. People from the Renewal Fellowship often did accompany him. All had the love of the Lord and if nothing else were travelling companions in foreign lands and “backroom” helpers.

Helen developed a video ministry recording Geoff’s teaching, and left videos and later DVDs to multiply the word. This was particularly important where it was difficult to post Christian literature back into the country without it being intercepted and “lost”.

Don was just “there” most of the time, but with the publication of the material in this book, perhaps his time has come and the stories recorded will have an impact.

Thus as you read you will find in chronological order (necessary as we grow through each new experience) accounts of “God moment” events both from their personal experiences and as a consequence of their Travelling with Geoff

Table of Contents

Condensed versions of the chapters in bold type are included in these books:
Journey into Mission
Journey into Ministry and Mission
Pentecost on Pentecost and in the South Pacific
God’s Surprises

1. Chapter 1- The Seven Cities of Revelations (1987)

2. Chapter 2 – Mauritius and VW Kombi Vans (1989)

3. Chapter 3 – HCJB Heralding Christ Jesus Blessings (1991)

4. Chapter 4 – Burma Third Visit (1992)

5. Chapter 5 – Burma Fourth Visit (1992)

6. Chapter 6 – Burma Fifth Visit (1992)

7. Chapter 7 – China (1992)

8. Chapter 8 – Elcho Island (1994)

9. Chapter 9 – Rwanda (1994)

10. Chapter 10 – Solomon Islands First Visit (1994)

11. Chapter 11 – South Africa, Ghana, UK, Canada (1995)

12. Chapter 12 – Solomon Island Second Visit (1996)

13. Chapter 13 – South Africa (1996)

14. Chapter 14 – Brunei (1996)

15. Chapter 15 – Indonesia (1998)

16. Chapter 16 – Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka (1998)

17. Chapter 17 – Solomon Islands Third Visit (2003)

18. Chapter 18 – Brunei and Sarawak ( 2004)

19. Chapter 19 – Vanuatu First Visit (2004)

20. Chapter 20 – Vanuatu Second Visit (2005)

21. Chapter 21 – Vanuatu Third Visit (2005)

22. Chapter 22 – Solomon Islands Fourth Visit (2007)

23. Appendix 1 – Elcho Island

24. Appendix 2 – Nepal – Overseas Aid

25. Appendix 3 – Bhutan Refugees

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Some photos from the book


Solomon Islands

Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Vanuatu, Chief Willie & Geoff

Vanuatu, Don & Helen



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Renewal Journal – a chronicle of renewal and revival:

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3 Replies to “Travelling with Geoff, by Don Hill”

  1. Thank you Pastor Gummadi for your message. We are old now and on the pension so do not travel like we did before. But we pray God’s blessing for you and your ministry.

  2. How can I get in touch with Don and Helen Hill.
    We are friends of them when we were in Brisbane in 1997_ 1998..
    After that returned back to Papua New Ginea n lost contact .. Lucky n I are living in cairn now n wondering how to contact them

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