Global Reports

These brief global reports are snapshots from the end of the 20th century


An entire village in Thailand became Christians after a prayer for rain was answered, according to Sowers Ministry.  Lun Poobuanak, a Thai missionary among the Buddhists and animists in Kalasin Province, said a village leader interrupted a Christian service, promising that if the Christian God would bring rain to save their crops, all 134 village families would become Christians.  Lun and the other Christians prayed and fasted for three days, and on the fourth day, an intense cloudburst flooded the canals and rice fields.

Source: IRN News, January, 1998

Revival in an Indian Village, 1998

 Report from Dr Paul Pilai, Founder of Indian Inland Mission.

One of our mission stations in a village in central India, named Tarti, was under the grip of fear of an evil spirit that destroyed the crop every year.   Three families came to know Christ and a small church was established in a hut.  The church prayed for the safety of the crop and no damage took place last year.

The whole village is turning to Christ and a great revival is taking place there.  Most of the villagers wanted to receive Christ as their Lord and God.  They stopped all the animal sacrifices to the evil spirits and the demons.  None of the evil spirits attacked the crop or the villagers.  They are learning Christian songs and pray loud to Jesus to make the demons know that the true God is in the midst of them.   The Lord’s presence in the midst of them is known everywhere.

How meaningful it was when Elijah prayed before the Baal worshippers “let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel and that I am thy servant, and that 1 have done all these things at thy word” (1 Kings 18:36).

We praise the Lord that our ministry started in that unknown village at God’s word and command.  He proved to His servants that He is the Lord God Almighty, the only true and living God, yesterday, today and forever the same.

Indian Inland Mission Newsletter, July 1998, pages 3-4.

30,000 decisions for Jesus in New Delhi

Christ for all Nations were in New Delhi from 25 February to 1 March, 1998.

New Delhi is a city of ten million people and is the capital city of the nation of India, as well as the political nerve centre for the whole country.  In addition to this, it is known as a Hindu stronghold, a fact that is made even more significant by recent advances in the national political arena for the Hindu political party.  The CfaN team headed to this city only two weeks after the end of national general elections, to hold a Gospel outreach in the huge Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.  The event was billed as “The Good News Festival.”

The Festival was launched with a VIP banquet that was held the night before the stadium meetings began.  Two hundred and fifty local and international dignitaries attended, among them a number of ambassadors from other countries.  Reinhard Bonnke preached a direct and clear Gospel message and many leading citizens were seen to respond publicly to the salvation call.

250 churches participated

Pastors and churches from across the city joined together to host the event and Pastor Robert Jeyaraj was appointed as chairman of the event, overseeing the activities of the two hundred and fifty participating churches.  It was also planned that running simultaneously with the evening meetings in the stadium, pastors and church workers from the region would be invited to attend a Fire Conference, which would be held each day during the week.  An idea of the excitement generated by the whole event can be gauged by the fact that over four thousand delegates registered for the Fire Conference, many travelling considerable distances to be present.  Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and Brent Regis handled the Fire Conference sessions.  On the final day, this particular event culminated with Reinhard Bonnke personally laying hands on the four thousand delegates before they each received a complimentary copy of the book Evangelism by Fire.  There is power in the prayers of the righteous!

Despite restrictive security measures at the stadium entrances and unseasonable cold weather, tens of thousands of people flocked to the meetings nightly to hear the Good News of the Gospel as Reinhard Bonnke preached.  The meetings were characterised by an amazing attentiveness among the large crowd, transfixed by the Word of God as the Gospel message rang out across the vast arena.  Each night the power of the Word was seen as thousands upon thousands responded positively to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour, to the exclusion of all other gods.  The two thousand counsellors were kept very busy, sometimes late into the night, handling the many respondents.  By the final meeting, over thirty thousand decision cards had been handed in, and these were immediately funnelled into the follow-up system to be incorporated into the local churches.  The follow-up material was available in both English and Hindi, the predominant local language.


After the presentation of the Gospel message each night, a public prayer was offered for all those who were sick.  The crowd was amazed at the testimonies that followed as people pressed forward to report what God had done for them.  Of the many hundreds healed, only a small number could be interviewed publicly due to time restraints, but the crowd shouted with joy as each person, together with witnesses, gave glory to God for their healing.  A young man by the name of Mr.  Patel came with his father to report that his right eye, which had been totally blind for five years, could now see perfectly.  Everyone rejoiced as he correctly imitated the preacher by lifting his fingers to the sky.  A woman with tears in her eyes reported that a cancerous lump in her right breast was now completely gone.  The crowd erupted in a shout of praise.  Miss Naidoo, a young Hindu woman, was brought by her relatives to show that despite the fact that she had been deaf from birth, she could now hear very clearly.  Reinhard Bonnke demonstrated this by whispering into her ear and she was able to shout out the reply.

Fanatics opposed to the Christian message were so incensed by the miracle testimonies, that they printed out special handbills denying the validity of what was happening inside the arena each night.  These they proceeded to hand out to the thousands who were standing in line at the stadium entrances.  What the people thought about it all was graphically illustrated at the close of each meeting by the fact that while thousands of the handbills lay discarded on the ground, not a single follow-up booklet was picked up by the cleaners!

When the time finally came for the CfaN team to leave New Delhi, the general feeling of all involved could be summed up in the words of the Festival Chairman Rev.  Robert Jeyaraj.  AWe have seen the power of the Gospel in action during these days in Jawarhal Nehru Stadium, and we will reap the benefits for many months to come.” Only the Lord of the harvest knows the full extent of the harvest.  You, our Missions Partners, are a vital part of this harvesting team and we praise God for each and every one who is faithful in prayer and financial support.  He is the One who sees and He is the One who rewards.  To God be the glory!

Source: Asuza, Global Revival News


Responses to Words of Hope’s radio outreach efforts to Tibetan Buddhists nearly tripled in 1997.  Vice President for Broadcasting Lee DeYoung told Mission Network News on 23 February, 1998 that his group received over 700 letters from Tibetans in both 1995 and 1996.  Last year that number jumped to over 2,000.

Source: Global Revival News, March 1998.


A Christian ministry in Syria, known in the USA as Syrian Evangelistic Educational Development, reports that a great revival has broken out due to prayer and fasting by the believers of that ministry.  As a result, many Muslims have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.  Additionally, for the first time in recent history, the government has allowed this ministry to print and distribute thousands of New Testaments.  To help, contact <>.

Source: FIA News, 5 March, 1998

Cairo, Egypt

Last night they wouldn’t let me into church!  The service was supposed to begin at 7 pm, and in Egypt this meant that most people would arrive around 7:30.  So you can imagine my surprise when I arrived on time only to find dozens of people walking away from the church!

Hundreds of people were in the street trying to make their way through the gate into the church and were being told that there was no more room.   It was very difficult to fight my way through the crowds into the church courtyard which was packed full of people watching the service on a very large screen.   I finally went into the church and found one seat saved for me by a friend.

The place was absolutely packed and the worship time was in full swing even though it was only a few minutes past 7:00 pm.   I knew that every Sunday school room and meeting room in the church as well as the parking lot at the back had closed circuit television screens transmitting the service to them.  It was the first night of the Luis Palau revival meetings in this church, which is the largest Protestant church in the Middle East.  Probably more than 3000 people were packed into the compound!

In Egypt, Christian meetings have to be held in Christian facilities so it was impossible to consider renting an auditorium or stadium for this event.  But as the pastor was introducing the American Argentinean-born Evangelist, he reminded the audience that Luis would have a nightly hearing of more people than would fit in the large Cairo soccer stadium!               How was this?

Through an ingenious program developed by this particular church, the complete service is video taped and after the service dozens of people work all night to make hundreds of duplicate videos.   Early the next morning, couriers travel to all parts of Egypt to deliver one or more tapes to the 570 churches that have agreed to take part in this outreach!  It is expected that around 150,000 participated each day.

Pray for the tens of thousands of people in hundreds of churches across this country.  Also pray for God’s protection.

Source: FIA News


Despite the harsh Arabization and Islamization policy by the government, the Christian Church in Sudan is growing fast.  In the slums of Khartoum a revival has started.  Small churches, often built of clay, mushroom everywhere.  The Jesus Film is shown every night in another church.  Twenty years ago only 5 percent of the Sudanese population was Christian.  Ten years ago this number had grown to 10 percent.  Now about 20 percent of the people in Sudan is Christian!  The Anglican Church has grown from 4 congregations in 1984 to 280 now.  Because of the arabization policy a strong Arab speaking Christian Church is arising which has the fire to spread the gospel even to other countries in the Middle East.  These Christians risk severe persecution and even death.

Sudanese Muslims receive dreams

Many Muslims come to faith in Jesus through God-given dreams.  Like an influential Nuba Muslim in Sudan.  One night he received a clear dream.  He saw himself getting baptized in a Christian church, while the believers sung a beautiful hymn in Arabic.  He remembered the last part of this song very well: “Receive Jesus and you will be happy.”  Then the door of the church opened and he woke up.  “I noticed that the door of my dormitory was open, but I know for sure that I had closed it the night before.”  He shared his dream with his wife and she couldn’t sleep that night.  The next morning his son of 13 told him that he had had a similar dream.  “I was in a dark room when suddenly there appeared a light.  Then I saw daddy with a cross in his hand, where this light came from.”  When the Nuba man heard this, he decided the get baptized.  His whole family is now receiving Bible lessons.  These kinds of stories come in from all over Sudan.

More freedom of religion in Sudan

While in South Sudan a civil war is going on and the rights of Christians are trampled, Christians in the North speak of more freedom of religion.  According to an evangelist in Khartoum, the constitution was changed recently and now guarantees freedom of religion, freedom to evangelize and freedom to plant churches anywhere in the country.  He tried this out immediately: in March he held a street evangelism campaign of a few days in the north of Khartoum.  The population is mainly Muslim there.  About 3,000 to 5,000 people showed up at the campaign that included a showing of the Jesus Film.  “People were even standing on the roofs to be able to see the film,” according to the evangelist.  “The gospel was not hindered at all.  This is a miracle of God and a fruit of your prayers for us.  Just because of the war many Muslims come to faith in Jesus.”

Source: Joel News, 25 April, 1998


 “Please ensure that Bibles are distributed in all corners of this country to give every Zambian the opportunity to have the Scriptures in their respective local language,” was the challenge issued by State President FTJ Chiluba on the occasion of the Bible Society of Zambia’s (BSZ) Annual General Meeting held on Saturday March 7, 1998.

The President continued:  “The Word of God has life and power that can shape families and society.  As people search for truth they need to experience the liberating power of the Gospel.”  He pointed out that the Society’s work of translating, printing and distributing the Scriptures was of vital importance and that there was a pressing need for an increase in local fundraising.

The President said it was “embarrassing” for the church in Zambia to always rely on external assistance, and he pledged 100 million kwatcha (US$60,000) to the Bible Society to be made available during the current budget year.  He challenged all Christians in Zambia to contribute generously to God’s work.  Lack of giving to the work of God was the reason that many people failed to balance their budgets, the President said.  “You can only expect to receive God’s blessing if you give back to him from what you have earned,” he added.

The Rev Peter Ndhlovu, National Chairman of the Bible Society in Zambia, commended the Government for its commitment to the Bible cause as he thanked President Chiluba for such a challenging message.

Source: ChristianNet 18 March 1998.


 Charles Carroll reports:

One of my favorite verses is Habakkuk 1:5, where God says, “Look at the nations and watch-and be utterly amazed.   For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”  I want to give you a beautiful illustration of this.   In January someone sent me a copy of a speech given recently by Y.  K.  Museveni, president of Uganda.   Reuters news agency says Museveni has emerged as one of the most articulate champions of change in Africa (21/1/98).  I think you will find this speech both amazing and encouraging.

Remarks by President Museveni

Thank you, Your Excellencies, for the opportunity to share some thoughts about  the spiritual condition of the peoples of Africa.   As I observe the tribal differences, religious divisions, poverty and disease, lack of sufficient educational opportunities for our children, political upheaval and racial strife, it becomes obvious that the principles of Jesus Christ have not penetrated Africa enough!

It may seem strange for some of you to think that I would say this about Christ,  because I know many of you may think this is too religious and not a very  practical solution to the problems I have just mentioned.  Furthermore, I know that most of you do not think of me as a very religious man – in fact, I do not think that about myself.   My wife is a much better believer and prayer than I am, and those who have known me through the years know that I have had problems with religious people.   As I have grown older, I realize that all of the problems have not been theirs, but I do think that those of us who claim to love God ought to love one another – this is one of the most basic attributes of a follower of Christ.

As the years have gone by, however, even though I have not become a member of  any special religious group, I have decided to follow Jesus Christ with my whole  heart.   I find in him the inner strength, the precepts and the lifestyle that can help me and all the people of Uganda to solve the problems we face individually and as a nation.  It is one of the interesting facts about Jesus Christ that people in every nation of the world regardless of religion, whether one is a believer or a non-believer, consider Jesus the greatest authority on human relations in history.   His views on that subject have transcended all religions and cultures.   It is remarkable that the person of Jesus Christ is accepted by everyone – even when they are not attracted by institutional religion.

With that in mind, I want to stress at least three significant precepts that Christ taught and modelled, which if practised, will help Africa: forgiveness, humility and love.

Forgiveness – Jesus Christ is the only person ever to come up with the idea of  unconditional forgiveness, even of one’s enemies.   He went so far as to say, if you don’t forgive, God won’t forgive you.   In countries where animosity and division go back for generations and even thousands of years, how can peace come to a person, a group of persons or a nation if at some point we do not forgive and let God take the vengeance on our enemies – if that is what he decides to do?  It has also been discovered that if we do not forgive, in the final analysis, it hurts us more to hate than it does those we hate.   Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the message of Christ on forgiveness is the only practical solution to healing a nation’s wounds and bringing unity.

Humility – This is one of the most important attributes necessary to become a  good leader.   When you observe leaders at all levels of society, throughout Africa and I suppose throughout the world, you find them being overcome by power, greed and self-interest.   Somehow, after they have attained the prominence and positions of trust, they forget the people, their poverty and need.   They forget that they could become a great instrument to help their country, and instead they begin to live like little kings and dictators.   Only with a humble spirit, one which recognizes that we who have been given opportunities greater than most are in fact servants of God and the people rather than masters, will we be able to help our countries move from Third World status and lead the people to a new day.   As the Scripture says, God resists the proud and gives help to the humble.   If you have time to pray for me, please pray that God will give me the strength, wisdom and sense to be a humble servant.

Love – It has been fascinating to me to discover that for centuries people who have been the most thoughtful, the most respected, and who have made the most  lasting contributions to the human race have all agreed that the highest and  greatest purpose for their lives has been to seek to love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.   These are people like Moses – the great lawgiver; Abraham – the man of faith and father of nations; William Wilberforce – the leader against the slave trade; Mother Teresa – and on and on.   Jesus Christ said the sum of all the law and prophets is to love God and love one another.   If love for God and one another were the rule and the prevailing attitude in our  nations and communities, all problems would move gradually to resolution.   Even  when love is not the rule for most of the population and only exists among the few, great things happen that give hope and life in a world starved for love and caring.

Today, as we meet together, let’s resolve to take Jesus Christ out of the religious setting in which we have imprisoned him and walk with him along the dusty roads of Africa where he feels much more at home.

Source: Awakening, 18 March 1998  <>.

Healings in Uganda

 Bishop Grivas K. Musisi, a Ugandan Christian leader claimed in an interview in the USA in April 1998 that “God has healed 223 people from AIDS” in his country.  Each one of these healings,” he says, “has been confirmed medically.”  Bishop Musisi, senior pastor of the Prayer Palace Church in Kampala, Uganda, and who oversees of 75 other charismatic non-denominational churches throughout the country, stated that he believes that God can do the same for people who are HIV positive or have full-blown AIDS in the United States.  Musisi stated: “I believe that the solution is to come back to God.  If a person can turn to God, God is willing to heal that person.  He did it to the people with leprosy and he can do it with those with AIDS.  God has been kind enough to confirm it through his Word.  It has become a calling to everyone at the church to preach and pray for the sick and see people get healed, not just from AIDS, but from many other diseases as well.  Daily, over 500 intercessors cry to God for healings at the Prayer Palace Church.”

Source: Dan Wooding  via IRN News

South Africa

  Pastor Aré J. Van Eck reports:  Our Congregation is called Nuwe Lewe Christensentrem, that is the Afrikaans for New Life Christian Centre.  We are in no way a large congregation, with attendance seldom more than 80 and normally around 35 – 45.   Part of this is due to the fact that we are in a rural area, which is church-riddled, but mostly because we are multi-racial.  Most of our attempts to try and work with other congregations fail, because we love souls more than skin colours!  What I want to share about is the way in which God is visiting us.

As for most preachers, I also went to local conferences (not being able to travel abroad) and had people like Benny Hinn, John Arnott, Rodney Howard-Browne and Randy Clark, pray over me and my wife, but always without any real manifestations.  There was the occasional “going under” but not laughing, crying or being drunk for days – just to get back home and to find that God comes and touches his people anyway.

Imagine an Afrikaans scene with Afrikaans speaking to coloured farm workers, normally the poorest people you can get, sitting cramped in a 3 roomed house (no, not 3 bedrooms, but only 3 rooms) some totally illiterate, about 16 in the one room singing Vineyard and Hillsongs which they have been taught and of which the words have been properly explained to them.  Minutes later, they

themselves start to pray, reading spontaneously out of the Word and laying prostrate under the power of the Holy Spirit, small children laughing in the Spirit, mom & dad repenting freely of hurts and sin.  Praise be to God alone.

I am no person of wealth, charisma or above average education.  I was a policeman for almost 18 years;  it is all of God.  We are near a black residential are as well.   Now there are small black kids that run away from home to attend church.   Some of them got spankings because of it, but they keep coming.   I am talking children from 6 years up to about 14 years of age.

When I first ministered to a very small one who reacted on an altar call, I was annoyed to found that he did not even understand Afrikaans or English.  All he said was “Jesu, Jesu.”  The moment I started to pray for him, that little heart broke.  He wept, fell under the power, and while lying on the ground, started to pray in his mother tongue, Xhosa.   I asked one of his older friends to interpret.  He was praying for a drunken mother and a father that left them on their own.

An elderly black man got saved, and asked prayer for his child that has vanished more than three years ago.   The police had closed the case as they had no leads to follow.   We prayed and within two weeks she surfaced in a town 300 kilometres from us, after being taken away by somebody who promised her a job.  They had her delivered to her parent’s house, and we had the privilege of leading her to the Lord as well!  Is God good or is he good?

Source: IRN News, 5 February, 1998


 Neil Anderson reported in March 1998.

We have just returned from a very fruitful trip to the northern provinces of China. People are on the move, and political and spiritual changes are occurring in the country.  The meetings with the believers had to be secretly held at night, because as you know in China it is against the law to meet in homes for church services.  In these houses, the rooms are very small.  In every place we went they were packed to the limit, so much so that the people were practically sitting on each other.  But it didn’t matter as the people sang and worshipped the Lord.  There were some new people there who were coming to a meeting like this for the first time.  At the end of the meetings all of them gave their hearts to the Lord.  People heard the Word with much interest and excitement.  Every night we prayed for people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and to be healed.  All who were prayed for received the Holy Spirit, and spoke in tongues.

We were able to minister to many of the church leaders in China and listened to what God is doing in their lives and ministry.  Brother Bi, one of the key leaders of many of the house churches based in the northeastern part of China has a total of 20 full time workers working with him in 50-60 different churches in the area.  He told us this story:

In January a sister name Lan was going to see her brother, along with her little nephew.  On the way to this place, it got dark and there was no light on their path.  It was cold, foggy and nothing could be seen more than a foot in front of them.  Suddenly a bright light shown before them.  It was about 5 meters wide and this light led them all the way to her brother’s house.  As soon as they stepped in to her brother’s house, the light disappeared.  After they told this news to their family, five of them gave their lives to Jesus.

Source: Hong Kong & China Report.

Inner Mongolia

Churches in Inner Mongolia are experiencing phenomenal growth.  The region, located along China’s northern border, had 2,000 Christians in 1984, Lee DeYoung of Words of Hope radio told Mission Network News.  Today there are 150,000 believers and at least 40 large churches, he said.  DeYoung, who visited the capital city of Hohhot recently, said there is no explanation for the growth other than the work of the Holy Spirit.

Source: Global Revival News, March 1998.


 The light of Christ is beginning to dawn in Japan.  Christians say they sense “a new beginning” as churches cooperate in prayer and evangelism, Paul Ariga of the All Japan Revival Mission told Religion Today.  About 1,000 churches participated in the All Tokyo Revival Mission 18-27 September, 1998.  Charismatic, evangelical, and Pentecostal congregations worked together to plan the event.  Almost 20,000 “prayer warriors” — some from other countries — logged hours of prayers in preparation.  About 1,000 people conducted evangelism outreaches in the months before the crusade.

It was the first time that Japanese Protestants of all denominations worked together.  Workers delivered Christian literature to 3 million homes in Tokyo in preparation for the crusade.  Well-known Japanese Christian writer Ayako Miura wrote the tract, called “From Discouragement to Hope”.  Another one million tracts were distributed at street meetings in the city.

The crusade drew more than 120,000 people to 24 meetings.  About 56,000 non-Christians attended 10 evangelistic services at the Nihon Budokan, and almost 6,000 made first-time professions of faith in Jesus Christ, Ariga said.  Two outreaches were held for women and children.  About 60,000 Christians attended revival services intended to deepen their commitments to Christ and inspire them to spread their faith.

The number of responses is high for Japan.  About 2.5% of the population is Christian and most churches average 30 members, Operation World says.  There are 3,000 Protestant churches in Tokyo, a city of 30 million, and 7,700 Protestant churches in Japan.  Some cities and towns do not have a Christian church.

Most Japanese claim no personal religion, but follow the customs of traditional religions including Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.   About 100 New Age style offshoots of those religions spring up every year.   Those influences, and Japan’s history of offenses during World War II and other eras, have created a “spiritual bondage” that hinders people from receiving God’s grace, Ariga said.

It takes the “spiritual warfare” of prayer, fasting, and confession of sins to break that bondage, he said.  About 19,000 people have been praying for Tokyo since 1992.  More than 1 million hours of prayer have been offered on behalf of the city in five years.  To prepare for this year’s crusade, leaders asked the people to add 377,750 hours — one for every square mile of the city.  About 3,000 people took part in a 40-day fasting chain prior to the event.

Ariga and other leaders have visited other nations to confess Japan’s sins against them.  He has visited Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan in the past two years to ask forgiveness for the country’s brutal behavior in occupied territories.  Christian leaders in each of those nations accepted his apology and pledged to mobilize people to pray 1 million hours for Japan.

Reconciliation among Christians “breaks the bondage and the power of darkness and makes it easier for people to receive the message of Christ,” Ariga said.  “We drew so many people—more than expected—from all over the island.” Before the revival, seven of Ariga’s eight relatives in Tokyo were not Christians.  “Now I have eight relatives in Tokyo who are believers — that is the result of prayer.”

Source: Baptist Press, Religion Today; Joel News, 16 October, 1998.


In the Soviet Union, in 1989, there were 550,000 evangelicals, then by 1998 there are 2.3 million in Russia alone!

Source: Hands for Christ; IRN News.

Arctic Areas

Slavic Ministries and YWAM Norway are launching an initiative to reach the unreached living at the world’s extremes.  The Arctic, Siberia and the Caucasus are rugged regions where numerous still-unreached indigenous peoples live.  The Arctic is home to more than 20 indigenous nomadic & mostly unreached people groups.  A School of Foreign Missions (SOFM) at Borgen, YWAM’s northernmost base, in Norway’s far north, was be led by the mission’s pioneers among the nomadic Nenets in April, 1998.  Siberia, the ultimate godforsaken territory where thousands of political prisoners were sent to the gulags, and the Caucasus region, with the greatest concentration of unreached peoples in Europe, are the two other target areas of this thrust.

Source:  Europe NOW, Mon, 16 February, 1998.

Bible in 2197 languages

The Bible or portions thereof has now been printed in 2197 languages, 30 more than in 1996 reports the German Bible Society in Stuttgart.  The Bible is not only the most sold book in the world, but also the most translated.  The complete Old and New Testament is available in 363 languages. 135 groups are working on a further 681 translations.

Source: Hope for Europe, February, 1998.


 Pastor Marc Lebrun from France reports:

Our visit to Toronto in 1995 has changed our lives and put our ministry in such a dynamic that we couldn’t expect before.

When we came back the power of the spirit fell in the place and hit our little church in such a power that it is a wonder it remained.  We organized soon renewal services and many people from around the Paris area and even further visited the church.  Many were healed up, refreshed, with a new love for Jesus.  The church grew and we needed twice to move our facilities. Our revival meetings draw around 200 people and the power of the Holy Spirit is increasing toward the revival outbreak we expect to come soon.  Intercessory prayer, fasting, gifts of the spirit, have grown up and have become a normal way of life now.

The prophetic anointing is tremendous.  Lately during a four days revival with David Herzog (David is an American evangelist missionary to France) a word of knowledge revealed that some people in the crowd had a spirit of suicide.  We had a call for those people to come forward, the spirit resisted, nobody came, but when we rebuked the spirit of death, several people were hit and fell onto the ground, screaming.  Some of our people went into intercession.  Then seven people came forward and the power of death was broken.  At the altar call 13 people gave their lives to Jesus.  Some were children, youth and some adults.  A young boy was delivered from a spirit of violence and death, he saw a vision of angels, his mother says he is completely changed.  When Naomi, a 13 month old baby girl with second degree burns was healed through prayer, it resulted in the healing of all other children that were next to her in hospital.  Please pray for us.  We expect revival to explode and touch many people and churches around.  If you have France on your heart, please pray with us and let us know.

Source  via Awakening


Tessa de Ruiter from Elim Pentecostal Church in Hilversum, Holland, reports to have seen and heard angels:  On 8 March 1998 during the worship-singing I heard voices singing that I had never heard before in church.  These voices were the most beautiful ones I had ever heard, clear and pure.  I knew that the voices did not come from the congregation for I know those, who are close to the platform, very well.  After the preaching, when the invitation was given, my eyes were continually attracted to the platform, then I saw an angel on either side of the platform.  I closed my eyes quickly and was thinking: “Lord, this cannot be real…”  A voice within me said: “Look once more.”  I looked and they were still there, beautiful, with gold-blond hair, clothed in white.  In their hands they had a large golden horn, full of pure oil.  I asked the Lord what they were doing and the answer was:  “I have send them to serve and to anoint with my oil.”  I asked him what they were waiting for and the answer was: The sign to start.  “But, Lord, who will give that sign?”  The reply:  “You.  When you will go to the front and tell the people what you see, then they will begin to move.”  As a result many came forward, there were tears and Jesus touched everybody deeply – the anointing was powerful.

Source: Joel News


Youth unity initiative in Ireland

Protestant and Catholic young people joined forces in a marathon prayer walk round the borders of Northern Ireland, seeking peace for the long-divided communities.  While sectarian marches have frequently sparked violent clashes during the years of “The Troubles”, organizers of The Reconciliation Walk-Northern Ireland hoped that linking young Christians from different traditions in the trek would serve as a symbol for a united future.  The Rec Walk was for Christian young people, between the ages of 16 and 25, who wanted to walk together with other young people and pray for reconciliation, unity & peace in Northern Ireland.  The 600-mile journey started in Belfast and basically followed the border of Northern Ireland, taking participants through former trouble spots like Londonderry and Eniskillen – sites of some of the worst violence during the years of conflict.  Local youth events focusing on peace, reconciliation and unity were staged along the way.  The event was promoted by Youth With A Mission, whose Northern Ireland leader Mike Oman hopes to see up to 1,500 young people taking part – some for one week and others for the entire route.  He said that the walk was intended to build on the fragile sense of hope for the future that had been building in Northern Ireland over the past couple of years – which had largely seen an absence of violence.     Mike Oman <>

Peace Agreement

Report by Diarmuid O’Neill.

What happened in Ireland with the peace agreement on Friday the 10th of April, 1998, was something I never thought I would see in my lifetime, it was and is something amazing.  It is a wonderful opportunity that God has given the people of Northern Ireland and the people on the island of Ireland as a whole, for peace, healing and restoration.  This healing and restoration is also needed for the church of Jesus Christ in Ireland, to be a whole body the way Jesus intended it to be.

God has done an amazing thing and I hope that he will richly bless each one of you who has been praying for however long for peace in Ireland – as an Irish man I am so grateful to you and praise God for all he has done through your faithfulness.

But it’s only the beginning.  Its the dawn of a new day, the ushering in of a new era, that is if we continue to cry out to God for grace and mercy to be given out in abundance to all those involved.

God has blessed us with leaders in the political realm who were prepared to take risks and lay down some of their own ideals, aspirations, agenda’s and pride.  The church needs to learn from these men and women so that the church will do the same and will be prepared to stick its neck out and take risks and stop trying to be always politically correct.  Let us pray that from within the church will come the role models for every stratosphere of community life, especially for the up and coming generation who have known nothing but trouble and violence.  65% of the population in the South of Ireland are young people looking for answers.  New Age and alternatives to Christ flood the market place.  These young people need your prayers that the Christians in the North will share with them their new life.

God can powerfully use leaders and Christians who are prepared to say “your will – not mine be done”, and they are the type of people the island of Ireland needs right now.  Pray that God will give leaders favour with their people, so that they will be able to persuade them to vote in favour of the peace deal.

God is without a doubt blessing Ireland (North & South) in many ways during this time and he has said much about how he will bless Ireland in the future and how he will use the people of Ireland to bless again nations all over the world.  Pray that once again revival will sweep the land, remembering that it was the people of this island who kept the gospel alive while the rest of Europe was being over-run by Vandals, Barbarians and such like.  God used Irish people powerfully to bring the gospel all over Europe, may He do it again as continental Europe now, like then, sits largely in darkness and is in desperate need of Gods love and grace.

We need to keep praying that all of these things will come to pass.  That the people of Northern Ireland will be healed of all the pain and be restored. We also need to be prepared to go and just listen and be alongside them, we need to take risks and be brave and go and face the powerful emotions of hatred, anger, loss, mourning, fear, bitterness and many more besides.  This process of restoration is not just for the people of Northern Ireland, but for the people of the South of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England and beyond.  The eyes of the world are watching and God will use all that this troubled land and people have learnt through this torrid, terrible time to bring restoration and healing between peoples, churches, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile.

We need to keep praying too that nothing else will fill the void left by terrorism and intimidation by all paramilitaries.  Since the first ceasefire in 1992 the drug scene in Ireland has become drastically worse.  Believe it or not: because of the vigilante tactics adopted in the North by paramilitary organisations, the crime rate in Northern Ireland has been one of the lowest in Europe.

So please, please keep praying for Ireland North and South and all the people in it, that people’s fears of this being yet another failed attempt will not be realised.  Rather that this will be what we have been hoping and waiting for for nearly 30 years and then maybe we will be able to heal all the other wounds which stretch back over centuries!  We want to challenge the church to keep praying and fasting for this crucial time in the history of the island of Ireland – don’t stop praying, in fact pray even more.

Diarmuid O’Neill & Amaury Braga <>

Source: Joel News,  22 April, 1998.


 ‘Sowing the Seeds of Revival’ has continued over the last five months, four nights a week at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster on Wednesday to Saturday nights since the 1st of June, 1997.  Well over 55,000 people have been through the building and over 6,000 have come forward to ‘Get right with God’. Twelve dustbins full of pornography, illegal drugs, weapons, Masonic jewellery, clothing and personal effects have been collected.  Scores have been converted to Christ and dozens baptised.  Some have been so overcome by the Holy Spirit they have been unable to get out of the pool.  Members of the House of Lords, House of Commons and staff at Buckingham Palace have been present as well as the homeless and hungry off the streets of London.  Over 500 bags of food have been distributed to the hungry and homeless over that period of time. —

Gerald Coates.  Source:  IRN –]



David Culley reports from Glad Tidings Assembly in Vancouver, Canada.

“And it shall come to pass in the last days that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh …”  We are seeing it!  For the past months Glad Tidings in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has been experiencing the same renewal that is happening all over the world. Yesterday, we crossed over into full blown revival.  The morning service started much like any other.  The worship was annointed as usual, and we had a visiting revival minister as we often had before.  The thing that was different was the sea of turbans and saris in the building.  Vancouver is a multi-national city with a large Sikh population, and over 200 had come to our morning meeting.

Our guest minister, Charles Ndifon from Nigeria and New York, had been in Victoria, British Columbia, for some meetings a few weeks ago, and a young Sikh woman, who had been invited by her Christian husband was healed of blindness and deafness.  She went back and brought her favorite uncle, Charnjit, who was dying of cancer, and he left the meeting healed and saved.

Since then Charnjit has been witnessing to all his relatives, and when Charles Ndifon came to our church in Vancouver, this man invited his whole extended family.  Yesterday, after watching many people be healed of athsma (as an example of how simple it is for God to heal anything), and a 90 year old woman receive a new ear-drum, about 200 Sikhs came forward to give their hearts to God.  And it’s real.  They had already heard the Gospel from Charnjit, and to make sure, the altar call was translated into Punjabi.  After the service, the people were so excited to have found Jesus, and to be so accepted by these white people.  At the evening service another 104 Punjab Sikh people responded to the altar call.

We saw many miracles.  A 14 year old boy born blind saw his mother for the first time, deaf ears were opened, cancers were healed.  But the greatest miracle of all was that God now seems to be bringing in the Sikh population that we have been so unable to reach for all this time.

26 October 1998.    Source: Awakening.

British Columbia

Bob Brasset from Victoria, Canada, writes about the move of the Holy Spirit in British Columbia:

The outpourings continue.  In fact, it seems to be getting stronger.  We now meet four nights a week.  The response of the pastors in the area is simply an overwhelming gratitude for the goodness of God for deigning to visit us in such an awesome way.  There is an amazing, astounding hunger in North America right now.  People know that we are on the edge of not only Revival but a genuine Awakening: perhaps the greatest since the day of Pentecost.  This Awakening, I feel, will be characterized by the very kabod (Hebrew for weighty, laden down with treasure, riches, glory, and wealth), glorious presence of God coming and abiding in a room, a church and even a city, or a whole region (as in Charles Finney’s revivals).  The worship in our services now continues and flows for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, unabated with spontaneous songs of the Lord from worship team and congregation.  Bodies lie on the floor, prostrate in worship.  People report seeing angels.  Visions, mighty, inspiring ones, are plenteous.  Healings happen during the preaching of the word or worship without anyone praying or laying on hands.  We are not advertising this.  People are just coming.  Salvations are happening in each service – even when we don’t give specific calls.  We now have reported healings of fibromylagia, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, ears opening, many necks and backs healed and severe allergies.

Source: Global Revival News, Bob Brasset <>

Arkansas, USA

 Revival is breaking out in the Lee County jail in Arkansas.  In just one year, chaplains and volunteer staff oversaw 161 services in the chapel and 118 services in the jail itself.  As a result 1,459 people made decisions for Christ.  Currently, 218 inmates are enrolled in Bible studies and some 6,900 individual Bible studies have been distributed.  “There is a hunger for God inside me that is more powerful than any hunger I have ever known,” said AOG Chaplain Patrick McCowan.  “The Lord is teaching me so many things in these days about servanthood,” McCowan said.

Source: The Assemblies of God News Service

Hampton, Virginia

 Ken Lawson reported:

Bethel Temple Assembly of God has been experiencing a move of the Holy Spirit since April 1996.  Church membership is 2,200.  Revival meetings are held Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  In April of 1996 the Sunday 7:30 am service started and did not end till 3:24 pm which bypassed the 10:30 am service. Church members were repenting, numerous people converted to Christ, and many were delivered of evil spirits.

Hampton, Virginia is the oldest English speaking settlement in America.  Bethel Temple Church is racially diverese: 40% African-American, 50% white, 10% Hispanic and Asian.

In 1996 the Senior Associate Pastor, Don Rogers, had an open vision of the Holy Spirit coming to Hampton.  He saw the Spirit of the Lord coming like a storm and it blew into their church.  In his vision when this happened it blew out a glass window in the church.

Fourteen months later, in June of 1997 the Sunday service at Bethel Temple was starting.  Senior Pastor Ron Johnson was praying and asking God to come “like a pent-up flood”.  Suddenly Pastor Johnson looked at his hands and oil was dripping from his hands.  The pastor began to tell the congregation of what was happening to his hands.  The head usher told the pastor the front window of the church just blew out.

The pastor began telling the congregation of what happened.  People ran to the altar.  Many publicly repented of sins.  God’s manifest presence filled the building.  Marriages are being restored, sexually broken people healed, myriad conversions to Christ, and many being filled with the Holy Spirit.

The vision was beginning to be fulfilled.  Part of the interpretation of the glass breaking signified the Spirit of the Lord blowing into Bethel church and blowing out.  The mission of Bethel church is to proclaim God’s glory to the nation.  The breaking of the glass window is a prophetic symbol of God’s power to release the church to carry the gospel to the nations.  Also that week, several “signs and wonders” happened.  An unexplained earthquake tremor and circular rainbow 360 degrees appeared over the city.

Unity of churches in the Hampton area is growing.  Twenty churches gathered for Easter Services this year in the town’s coliseum.  According to Pastor Don Rodgers it’s unprecedented to get twenty churches to lay down the most important service of the year.  Eleven thousand people attended.

Source: Awakening, 13 April, 1998

Greenville, Alabama

 By Ken Owen, Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God Greenville, South Carolina.

In April 1995 a first wave of revival began to crest over the congregation at First Assembly of God, Greenville, South Carolina.  Nightly meetings were held for a month with Ed Nelson.  Since then a number of waves have rolled in, building into what is now a sunami of revival.

In August, 1997, the tide began to significantly deepen.  I called Ed – a director of  a mission work to unreached peoples – to return immediately.  On October 11, 1997, Ed returned to us from Asia.  The Sunday morning service flowed like a mighty river — hundreds came forward to repent of sins.  The meeting carried on through the day till 4:00 pm.  With an hour break, it began again at 5:00 pm with a large prayer meeting and evening service.  Since then there has been no let up, only an increase.

More than two thousand people have repented of sins, converts being baptized weekly.  Many miracles and healings are accompanying the revival.

People from a variety of church backgrounds and denominations are driving to the meetings from several cities and states as momentum continues to strengthen.  There has been almost no promotion of the revival, but word-of-mouth has brought thousands of people to the meetings.

IRN News, 5 February 1998.  Source:  IRN –

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