I saw Jesus Christ

I saw Jesus Christ

By Edmund Sim

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I saw Jesus Christ
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Edmund Sim has a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland and is a Professor at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Su-Hie, Edmund’s girlfriend (now his wife, both Ph.D. students then), invited Edmund to a Renewal meeting at Gateway Baptist Church in Brisbane which I was leading with Hilary Mackerras and some of their band providing the music.  During the worship, many would go to the front to receive prayer from the prayer team. We had an open baptistry available there for anyone desiring to obey Jesus in baptism. Edmund was baptized that night. This is part of his testimony, from Chapter 1, ‘I saw Jesus Christ’, in his book The Faithful and the Faithless, by Edmund Sim, Methodist Church in Malaysia, 2013, pp 5-8.

Gateway Baptist Church in Brisbane

On the evening of October 26 of 1997, Su-Hie and her home group brought me to a revival meeting and worship night at the Gateway Baptist Church. It was located at Mount Gravatt on the outskirt of Brisbane city. Ordinarily I would not have agreed to go for such a thing, but on that night, strangely, I did not protest. However, I went with an intention of doubt. I wanted Christ to prove tangibly that He is real to me. Silently, I cried out to Him for proof. I needed to see and feel that He can save me from misery.

The session started in a typical fashion with prayers, a few readings from the Gospel, and songs of praise. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Then as the evening progressed, the crowd grew more upbeat. …

I doubted whether any of the attendees were genuine in their faith, and thought that they may have faked a good show. I thought I would wait and see if there were more events to critique. Silently in my mind, I was still asking God for a sign – just one simple and obvious sign.

Then, all of a sudden, I saw a vision in front of me – a persistent and clear image amidst the echoes of the music and singing. The vision was the image of a tall thin man in a white shining robe. He had a long face, a beard, but I could not make out the facial details because of the bright glare. His arms were opened, reaching out to each side. There was so much light around him. In an instance, I knew who I saw. There was no doubt in my heart and mind that I saw JESUS CHRIST.

As I was still awestruck by the whole experience, the Lord who stood in front of me gently bowed down. I was calm and unafraid, but I was not happy. Tears filled my eyes, and I started to cry. I felt so ashamed of myself. It was my arrogance and pride that blocked me from Christ all this while. Yet as a terrible sinner I dared to ask God for a sign. But He came.

He came for this sinner, and He showed me the greatest humility I have ever seen. He is a God, and King above all kings, yet He bowed down before me. It was such perfect humility that I began to see the reality of my sinfulness. I cried thinking of the many sins and wickedness of my past. I felt unworthy thinking of how I allow pride to lead me instead of Him. Finally I saw His magnificent power – not in physical brawn, but in the strength to bow down to a lowly sinful creature like me.

There was no question what I should do next. I knew I had to repent, and accept Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Not only had He given me a sign, He had revealed the truth of my nature before me, and through the most magnificent of ways compelled me to willingly acknowledge my sins, to repent and believe in Him. It was all clear to me. I know that I could never be separated from Him. …

What is clear to me now is that I saw Jesus Christ, and now it is my turn to help others see Him too.

Gateway Baptist Church in Brisbane










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I saw Jesus Christ
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