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Free Christian Book Publishing and Marketing

You can Publish for Free
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I love to make Good News available as widely and as freely as possible.  This Blog gives you some suggestions.  It’s neither the first nor the last word on free Christian publishing.  But I hope it helps you.

See Blog:  You can Publish for Free

Download PDF  –  You Can Publish for Free

You can publish and market your books for free with Amazon/Kindle.  My book tells you how.  Amazon makes its money by advertising and selling your book for you.  You can buy your book at the author’s discount.  My book gives you the basic details, updated to the current Kindle Direct Publishing information.

A huge advantage of Kindle Direct Publishing is that you can upload new editions, or corrections, also for free.

Digital eBooks are easiest to do now and are read more than printed books because they are cheap and delivered immediately to computers, tablets and smartphones.  Just upload your Word file to Kindle!  Add a free cover you create with Cover Creator.

Go to Kindle Direct Publishing (an Amazon company) and follow the links.
What you publish there goes on Amazon and Kindle for free. 
Expanded distribution adds your book(s) to The Book Depository with free airmail worldwide, and your books are listed on other distributors, some of which get listed on Amazon as well.

PDF Books

You can add your books as a PDF book to your social media outlets and on WordPress, as I have done here with this one.

Upload your PDF version on your WordPress page to Add/Media  – preferably with hyperlinks for readers to use, eg chapter headings.  Make a WordPress page for every book, as I have done with the Renewal Journal books.  

Free Marketing

Amazon markets your book automatically.  Add Amazon links wherever you can – to your WordPress page, and on your social media.

You can also promote your books on many sites as noted below.  I find promoting free eBooks (with Kindle Select) or free PDF books the best.  The free PDF books get the most response!

Here is a list of useful Facebook Christian book lovers’ links you may like to follow, with approximate numbers of members shown for each one, as at December 2018. The pages with huge numbers of followers give only temporary exposure to your book because they get huge numbers of posts added!

Christian Books, Poems and Art  70,000 –

Christian Authors & Writers  18,000 –

Christian Authors USA  15,000 –

Free Christian Books  14,000 –

Free & Low Cost Christian Books  3,000 –

Christian Review of Books  2,700 –

Christian Books & Authors  2,400 –

Christian Indie Books  2,000  –

Christian Books  2,000  –

Christian Writers Support Group  1,600 –

Christian Indie Authors Portal  1000 –

Christian Book Reviewers  1000 –

Christian Bloggers, Authors and Writers  1000 –

Christian Book Authors  700 –

Christian Indie Authors  650  –

Christian Authors Publishing Network  600 –

Free & Cheap Christian theology/Apologetics & Christian Living Books  600 –

Christian Non-fiction Writers, Bloggers &authors  580 –

Christian Book Discussion, Readers, Reviewers, Writers,and Bloggers  560 –

Christian Authors Network  450 –

Christian Groups Promo Group  450 –

Christian Authors Worldwide  400 –

Christian books and non-fiction books suitable for Christians  380 –

Non-fiction Christian Authors & Readers  380 –

Christian Authors & Writers Academy  340 –

Christian e-book lovers, free and sales  340 –

Christian Writers and Readers  300 –

Christian Fiction and NonFiction Readers  280 –

Deals on Christian Books, eBooks, and Music  260 –

Kindle Christian Books – Review & Promote Books  220 –

Christian Nonfiction/Fiction Books  100 –

Other National Groups:

Christian Authors UK  460 –

Christian Authors Canada  390 –

Christian Authors Germany  330 –

Christian Authors Australia  320 –

Christian Authors Italy  320 –

Christian Authors Japan  200 –

Christian Authors France  190 –

Christian Authors Mexico  170 –

Christian Authors Spain  160 –

Christian Authors Brazil  160 –

See also general marketing Blogs:

10 Top Book Marketing Articles from BookBub in 2018

I’m happy to edit and add any good Christian sites you recommend for book marketing.

Just add a comment below.

Blessed to be a blessing.

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. …

For Yours in the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen.”

(Matthew 6:9-13)













5 Replies to “Free Christian Book Publishing and Marketing”

  1. I want to publish my Christian book for the first time. More than 160 pages. Please How much for the publication? black and white and only colour in the cover. How long does it takes in the process.

    1. Petueli, the PDF link on this page tells you how to publish for free with Amazon – Kindle Direct Publishing – .
      With them publication is free, and you just pay for any books you buy. They publish paperbacks and eBooks (Kindle).
      You need to open an account with Amazon, and they require a valid credit card, but they do not charge you anything until you order books. You get your own books at a good author discount. If you have further questions you can reach me by email on Blessings.

  2. I have a book GROUP CONVERSION: IMPLICTIONS FOR CHURCH MINISTRY; for publication and marketing. Kindly let me know how I can be assisted.

    1. Open a free account with KDP on Amazon and upload free PDF books there. Otherwise Google Christian publishers and see what they offer. Blessings.

  3. Yes! This is Michael Graham, and I have a manuscript script ready to be published. The name of the book,His Close In Counter.
    The book is two hundred and eighteen pages
    long. The book talks about my personal walk with
    God, and how he carried through some major
    crisis. This book will inspire others to build
    up on faith.

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