Mission Adventures


Mission Adventures

A summary of my biographical books exploring renewal and revival in ministry and mission.

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Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal & Revival and

Journey into Mission and

Journey into Ministry & Mission

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God’s Surprises


Blog: God’s Surprises

God’s Surprises – PDF


A brief summary of revival highlights from my biographical books.

Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal and Revival

Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal and RevivalA Looking to Jesus 900

Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal & Revival – Blog

Journey into Renewal and Revival – PDF


Amazon Reviews:

Geoff Waugh’s life and ministry have influenced people all around the world. The story of his life and ministry will be of interest not only to those who know him – you will find yourself reflecting on your own journey with Jesus. Here is a personal journey with reflections that will enrich the lives of all readers. As he `looked to Jesus’ along the way he was opened up to many exciting new ventures in Australia and into countries where revival and renewal is vibrant, changing many lives. Although a biography, many others are involved. His reflections fit naturally, showing how his personal journey has relevance for others.  ~ John Olley

An interesting survey of 80 years from his early life as the son of an evangelical minister, to becoming a minister and missionary and a leader in renewal and revival through his teaching in Australia and overseas.

Revival – stirs both curiosity, excitement and anticipation in God’s people. Geoff shares his personal journey with humour and life flowing out of it, always directing us to follow Jesus’ example alone.

I strongly recommend this book and found it easy to read but at the same time it stirred up a deep longing in my heart to reach a more intimate relationship with God. Thank you Geoff.  ~  Daphne Beattie

Journey into Mission

0 0 A Journey into Mission All   0 0 Jurney M2

Journey into Mission – Blog

Journey into Mission  PDF


Amazon/Kindle customer:

I have read many similar stories, but this one exceeds them all.

I read the online edition and was blown away by the response of the Solomon Islanders to the power of the Holy Spirit. It was amazing, or should I say God-planned. Geoff has done well to not only be in so many places and seeing God at work but also writing a book about it all.  It’s as if it has all happened in a world apart, but the events in Brisbane show that it could happen in Australia also.  ~ Barbara Vickridge

Journey into Ministry and Mission

0 0 A Journey Mission All   0 0 A Journey Mission

Journey into Ministry & Mission– Blog

Journey into Ministry and Mission – PDF


Autobiography condensed from two books:

Book 1:  Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal & Revival

Book 2:  Journey into Mission

South Pacific Revivals

  Community and Ecological Transformation

South Pacific Revivals – Blog

South Pacific Revivals– PDF


Amazon Review:


Dr Geoff Waugh shares the message of revival clearly through the simplicity of the Word and his own personal experiences, being part of God’s big revival story in the Pacific. His book is a must read for all who follow Pacific Revivals and world movements of the Holy Spirit.  ~  Romulo Nayacalevu, Fiji

Amazon Review:

The cover’s the immediate attraction with this book – beautiful Pacific Island image……Nice large format size book, too.

Geoff Waugh has been fascinated with Christian revivals since he was a young man, so it’s no big surprise that he should conduct some research into these fascinating phenomena ‘down under’ in the South Pacific area, as he has travelled and worked in many of these islands over several decades. His other recent book, ‘Looking to Jesus: A Journey Into Renewal & Revival’ is another book worth checking out, being essentially an autobiography of the author.

‘South Pacific Revivals’ gives some very illuminating information about numerous little-known revivals in the region, as well as a number of charismatic movements, one or two of which I personally wouldn’t necessarily term ‘revivals’, but many will find to be of much interest nonetheless, because of the phenomena exhibited and the passion aroused.

A surprising number of movements after 1950 are provided – including islands and places I had never before heard of! A number of remarkable personal testimonies are included, and some black and white photos are dotted throughout the book.

Some useful appendices are included, such as ‘Characteristics of Revivals from Acts 2’ and ‘Examples of Repentance and Revival’.  ~  Blue Yonder

Amazon Kindle Review:

Great to see the history of local moves of God in our own backyard. Enjoyed the healing of the land stories.  ~ Tony Egar

Pentecost on Pentecost & in the South Pacific

0 A Pentecost on Pentecost Gift All   A Pentecost on Pentecost B

Pentecost on Pentecost & in the South Pacific – Blog

Pentecost on Pentecost – PDF


Selections from the books Journey into Mission and

Journey into Ministry & Mission

Light on the Mountains

Light on the Mountains   

Light on the Mountains – Blog

Light on the Mountains – PDF


Endorsement by Rev Dr L.A. (Tony) Cupit, former Director of Evangelism and Education, Baptist World Alliance:

No one speaks more authentically about a mission situation than one who has experienced it. That is one reason, among others, why Geoff Waugh’s latest book, Light on the Mountains, is such a valuable resource.

It was my privilege to serve in Papua New Guinea with Global Interaction at the same time as Geoff. I greatly appreciated his genuine love for Jesus the Christ and notable contribution to and love for the Enga people during the seven years we served together. These are reflected in this fascinating book. Geoff writes with deep personal knowledge and insight about the joys and challenges of mission life. He has collected valuable original source material and used it creatively to convey historical and missiological insights that needed to be unearthed and made available.

Anyone interested in learning about the dynamic work of the Holy Spirit of God in Papua New Guinea, and of discovering reasons why people engage in cross-cultural and linguistic mission work, would be well rewarded by studying and absorbing the insights this book provides

Endorsement by Rev Don Doull, a pioneer missionary in PNG from 1949.

This book describes those exciting days when Australian Baptists began a new missionary enterprise in 1949, the Baptist New Guinea Mission. We were motivated by a desire to fulfil our Lord’s great commission and reach out to those people just to the north of our country who had not yet heard the name of Jesus. As you peruse the pages of this book, which records the beginnings of that missionary challenge taken up by the Post-War churches of Australia, you will sense again the spirit of adventure and dedication which drove our churches in what has proved to be a wonderfully rewarding missionary task.

Geoff Waugh has done a wonderful job of drawing together the many threads which have been woven together to make the fabric of what we are able to stand back and marvel at as we now are aware of the activities of the Baptist Union of PNG.

Many hundreds of missionaries and many thousands of faithful Christians from our Australian churches have contributed to this modern missionary endeavour which has now exceeded the vision of those who commenced the task. We can now look back over these past six decades with much gratitude to God and see a vital indigenous church functioning in PNG in a part of that country still emerging from “The Stone Age” when we commenced our task.

Our world has now changed almost beyond belief over these past decades, but the task still remains of reaching the multitudes of people who have never heard the name of Jesus. My prayer is that God will use the story Geoff has documented to challenge our 21st Century fellow believers, to move into our modern world with a similar faith and dedication as that which was demonstrated during the second half of the 20th Century by our Australian Baptists.

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