Hindu priest embraces Jesus after getting shocked by his power.

Nepal: Hindu priest embraces Jesus after getting shocked by His power

Former Hindu priest plants churches in Nepal, the Philippines and Malaysia

A Hindu priest in Nepal once believed that Christianity is a fake religion and challenged a Christian evangelist to prove to him that was not so by making him accept Jesus Christ in 30 days.

The unnamed evangelist accepted the challenge, according to Kosh Dahal, the Hindu priest, who recounted his experience in a video posted recently on YouTube.

In the video, Dahal said the Christian evangelist kept on visiting him at his veterinary clinic in Kathmandu where he kept on talking about “the loving living only God Jesus.” “He bothered me because I didn’t want to accept Jesus Christ. He kept coming and ministering the gospel, and I kept rejecting him,” Dahal said.

“One day I got challenged. I wanted to prove that Christianity is a fake religion and that Jesus can’t do anything.” ‘I will ask your Jesus for 30 days – 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening – if He is the real God, and to touch me and change me,’ Dahal told the evangelist. If his Jesus failed to convince him to change his mind after 30 days, he would file a complaint against the evangelist with the police, warning him that Nepal law prohibits proselytising. ‘You will be in trouble,’ he warned the evangelist. The Christian missionary boldly accepted the challenge.

Kosh Dahal, and Kairos Nepali Church in Malaysia

Two times every day, the evangelist visited Dahal’s clinic and preached about Jesus. With two weeks left before the expiration of the 30-day challenge, Dahal still remained unconvinced about turning his back on the Hindu gods and accepting Jesus instead. If 330 million Hindu gods and goddesses couldn’t respond to his prayers, Dahal doubted very much that one God like Jesus could do so.

However, at the end of the third week, Dahal was struck by something he had never imagined. “This power like a current of electricity came into me and began to run very fast,” Dahal recalled. “I was shocked. I was closing my eyes and opening my eyes, and I was very afraid. I kept saying, ‘Who is this? What’s happening to me? What’s inside of me running very fast?’ He said it was an experience he had never encountered in his 30 years of worshiping the Hindu pantheon of gods. “I was challenging Jesus and he sent his power. That morning I realized that Jesus Christ is real and has mighty power. He woke me up. I cried.”

Dahal promised the evangelist that he would leave everything to follow Jesus. Eventually his wife Shobah also accepted Jesus after seeing the dramatic change for the better in her husband. To the couple’s amazement, her acceptance of Jesus led to the miraculous healing of her uterine myoma, a benign growth that might have required a hysterectomy. Together with their three children, the couple abandoned the Hindu priesthood and began evangelising. They planted a church in Kathmandu. After some years, they moved to the Philippines where they planted five more churches. In 2013, they moved to Malaysia and began to minister to Nepalese at the Kairos Nepali Church Knc.

Source: Kosh Dahal, Hazel Torres, God Reports

Nepal’s anti-conversion law about to be implemented

There have been significant changes in Nepal’s recent history which have introduced uncertainty for the nation’s future. In 2015, Nepal declared itself a secular state through a new constitution. It seemed that religious freedom was growing. However, earlier this year Nepal also adopted a new law, criminalizing religious conversion. The law is about to go into effect in August. And another big change just took place last month, as well. On May 17, Nepal’s two communist parties combined, creating the unified Nepal Communist Party that now holds a two-thirds majority in parliament.

These changes have set Nepal on a new and unknown trajectory. Minority groups like Christians are prayerfully watching how these changes come into effect. The government is already watching foreign missionary groups very closely if they’re engaged in any conversion activity. Missions group Asian Access who trains church leaders in Nepal requests prayer: “Please pray that we can stand firmly and be more bold and united. Pray for the Church to stay focused on her mission and on serving God well.”
Source: Global Disciples, Asian Access

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