The Alcoholic's Son Prayed

Geet didn’t know what to do. He watched helplessly as his mother cowered before his abusive, intoxicated father, day after day.

“I would visit temples and pray to gods and goddesses,” Geet said, “but nothing changed in my life.”

Who could help his family when even his gods remained silent?

When the Alcoholic’s Son Prayed

Teenager Troubled by Alcoholic Father

Both Geet’s parents held steady jobs, and the family faithfully worshiped their deities, yet they never found the happiness or prosperity they hoped for. Geet’s father, Kumal, slowly turned to alcohol as his source of comfort. Geet’s mother worked hard to support her four children, assuming more and more family responsibility as Kumal spiraled deeper into his alcohol addiction.

Over time, Kumal’s frequent arguments with his family intensified, and he even caused trouble for his neighbors. As a teenager, Geet felt helpless against his father’s alcoholism, so he isolated himself, aching with loneliness and longing for peace.

Friend Introduces Teen to Prince of Peace

In the midst of these heartaches, Geet met Bidur, another teenager in his village, and the two youths gradually built a strong friendship. Eventually, Geet confided in Bidur and told him all about his family’s problems.

Bidur responded by sharing how his own family experienced tremendous peace, but it was only because of Jesus Christ and the joy He brings. Bidur invited Geet to attend church with him so he could hear for himself about the peace Jesus gives so freely to those who call on Him.

The very next Sunday, Geet accompanied Bidur to a worship service led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Sadhan. Geet had never experienced a worship service like it before, but he listened closely to the words of the pastor.

After the service, Pastor Sadhan shared more about God’s Word with Geet. As Geet listened, many questions about Jesus formed in his mind, but flickers of peace also began rising within him.

Geet went home and told his mother all about the amazing things he learned at the service that day, but she wasn’t interested. Undeterred, Geet turned to the precious gift Pastor Sadhan had given him: a New Testament.

Many people in Asia turn to alcohol to try to smother their hurts and sorrows, not knowing Jesus provides true healing and hope.

Hungry Heart Feeds on God’s Word

Geet pored over his New Testament, and as he read about Jesus’ life and the miracles He performed, he realized transformation is only possible through Jesus. A longing arose in his heart for his family to experience a miraculous change.

“How can I experience His miracle in my life?” Geet asked Pastor Sadhan one day. “How can I follow this Jesus?”

Pastor Sadhan explained how God desires to have a personal relationship with His children, and he helped Geet understand the many things he had read. Touched by God’s great mercy, Geet bowed his head in prayer. He told Jesus about the wrongs he had committed throughout his life and asked Him to work healing and transformation into his heart.

Opening his eyes, Geet entered a new life—a life filled with inner joy and peace from the Lord, despite his home environment. He began spending time in prayer for his family, both privately and also with other believers at worship services. But not everyone was happy with his decision.

Steadfast in the Face of Opposition

Geet earnestly desired to worship Jesus and fellowship with his new family in Christ, but Kumal was furious when he discovered Geet’s new life. He pressured Geet to abandon Jesus and kept his son from attending worship services.

His father’s displeasure intimidated and grieved Geet. He wanted to honor his father’s authority, but after two painful weeks of reading and praying, Geet determined that he must obey the Lord above all, no matter the cost.

Geet began gathering again with the other believers and prayed faithfully for his father, asking the Lord to work transformation in his heart.

When the Alcoholic’s Son Prayed

Like Geet and Bidur, these youths gather for corporate worship with a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor and are growing in their knowledge of God.

The Power of Prayer

When the Alcoholic’s Son Prayed

“Every day, at 5 in the morning, I get up, read the Bible and pray,” Geet shared.

Soon, God answered Geet’s prayers—Kumal’s heart made a drastic turn. After seeing his son’s devotion to Jesus and fervent prayer life, Kumal stopped opposing Geet. He even allowed Geet to share with the family the new things Geet learned from Scripture, and soon, the entire family agreed to visit a worship service.

Geet’s relationship with Jesus grew strong, and peace and trust in God replaced the anxiousness and loneliness that once filled his heart.

Geet recognized the grace of Jesus, just as this young believer also did, and Geet dedicated hours to reading God’s Word and praying for his family.

“Now I am not worried about any problem, because in Jesus, I find the solution to all my trouble.” —Geet

Although his family has not yet fully understood the transforming love of Jesus, Geet’s fervent prayer is that one day, they too will personally know the Prince of Peace who now carries all his burdens.

Send Peace to Searching Hearts

Hearing the Word of God helped Geet first understand Jesus’ power and grace, and by reading his New Testament, he later found courage and strength to endure opposition.

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