Influential Buddhist Monk Receives Jesus


 BY Mark Ellis

1Buddhist Monks                                                                                                                                        The The Nepal earthquake in 2015 killed over 8,000 people and was the worst natural disaster to strike that country since 1934. Hundreds of thousands were left homeless — with entire villages flattened — which prompted many Christian organization to respond with humanitarian aid.

A prominent Buddhist monk observed carefully as Christians helped rebuild his community last year after the massive temblor reduced his neighborhood to rubble.

“As a powerful Tibetan monk with 1,000 disciples, his word was law,” a ministry director for Christian Aid Mission reported. “He was watching us for seven days continually as Christians became salt and light to the community.”


Between the witness of the Christian workers and a powerful move of the Holy Spirit on the man’s heart something remarkable happened.

“After watching us for seven days, he said, ‘I’m going to give my life to Jesus.’”

Before the earthquake, the Buddhist leader had never allowed homegrown missionaries to preach in his area.

But he was disheartened when he observed that none of his monastery colleagues assisted with aid or rebuilding following the earthquake.

“Where are the 330 million gods of Hinduism? Where are the Buddhists?” the monk asked.

3Showing JESUS film in Nepal


The monk placed his faith and trust in Jesus Christ, along with his family and many others, and became theleader of a church, according to Christian Aid Mission.

The former Buddhist monk’s two sons were recently baptized, and his daughter has become a Bible teacher for children in the area.

His former Buddhist colleagues now oppose him, and have made a false accusation that he was paid to convert. Undaunted, the former monk says he wants to go to remote areas on Nepal’s border with Tibet to proclaim Christ,” according to Christian Aid Mission.

“I want to go where no churches are,’” the former monk told Christian Aid Mission. “We have come across many other people thankful for our help. Even in hostile areas, many people were touched. When they saw our love and service, people were amazed – they saw the life of Christ.”

Source: God Reports

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