Disaster in Nepal – can you help?

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An urgent message from our friend, Pastor Rinzi Lama, in Nepal:

Ruin of the Himalayan Country of Nepal

At present Nepal is ruining, after a week of heavy rain brought disaster in Nepal. Thousands of houses are swept away, many areas of hilly regions have landslides and many are drowning.

Thousands of people are homeless and hundreds people are killed and hundreds of people disappeared. People are weeping, crying and mourning for their lost ones. Where does help come from for these people?  We are the people chosen by God in this community.

Therefore my dear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, we are appealing for your support for these people. We are really happy if you could support through prayer and by gifts.

Pastor Rinzi Lama

Like so many others, Rinzi and his wife Nani Beti care for large numbers of orphans in their home and in church families, and constantly help people in the community.

We work with and support our brothers and sisters in Nepal, and if you want to help them we can pass on your support.
My mission account in Australia:
Name – Geoffrey Waugh, BSB 014249, Ac. 5647 11123.
Swift Code: ANZBAU3M

Link to photos of mission in Nepal

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