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Pray for Nepal – and help

More big after-shocks in May – more damage and more help needed.  Use links on this page to help.  Remember Jesus’ words: Fear not, little flock, for it pleases your Father to give you the kingdom.  Sell your possessions and give to the poor. (Luke 12:32-33)

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Two early reports from our pastor friends in Nepal now caring for their people:

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From Raju Sundas, Hosanna Church, Kathmandu:

I am thankful to all of your prayer and phone calls.  Many of us are safe but we have a lot of damages in the property.  Our people have lost hundreds of houses and many of their loved ones.  I do not know how to respond with this problem. I need all of your prayer and help.  I slept with the children in the open ground.  We are now starting to get information from different churches.

Report from Raju, May 1:  In this area, people are living in fragile and vulnerable houses with no good foundations, on which mostly have been destroyed.  The supplies distributed today will feed 120 families whose houses are collapsed in rubbles, displaced with no food, shelter and even tents to spent night under. While we distributed tents that can shed in 2 families of 6 members each, a total of 120 families collapsed houses can tonight relax under the shed covering their families from wet monsoon in the area.  Sacks of rice and lentils will be able to kill their hunger that they have been experiencing for 3 days after the earthquake that struck all of their houses making them unable to even eat and sleep. The happiness that was seen in the families with their excitement of carrying the loads of supplies are hereby attached to this letter. Altogether 820 people were benefited from the Relief Aid Distribution.  Thank You for your contribution!   Sincerely,  Raju Sundas

Australian Tax deductable donations to Raju through MyCause:

Nepal Account for Raju:
Account Name : Hosanna Sewakai Nepal
Account Number : 0401017500219
Swift Code : NARBNPKA
Bank Name ; Nabil Bank Limited , Jorpati Branch, Kathmadu
P.O.Box 3729, Jorpati
Phone number ; 00977-1-4917498, 4917569

Photos of Raju’s people after the earthquake (click photo to enlarge):
DSC03983DSC03986DSC04051 - Copy




Photos of Raju’s team distributing aid (click photo to enlarge):
Raju4 Raju3 Raju2 Raju1jpg









From Rinzi Lama, Nazarene Church, Kathmandu:

From his daughter Karuna [Email:]
Contact Karuna for account details for donations.

According to my dad’s description of that day, they were having their regular Saturday service and especially that morning they were having a wonderful ministry of the Holy Spirit until 12 midday. Then they were just about to start the sermon when the huge earthquake went. All the church believers had to leave the room quickly. They could not walk straight as the earthquake swayed them left and right. When mom and a lady walked out of the church, they were moved to the left and right then the neighbour’s huge wall collapsed on the right hand side. God stretched His hand of protection on them. Then they all went out to Ringroad, which was the only place they all could go, waiting for everything to be over and get back home. But it did not stop, as there were a lot of aftershocks. They were at the street until dark and they went back home. But it was too risky to get inside. So my parents and the children all spent the night sleeping under the sky. All night they could not sleep due to aftershocks. They spent the second night at a neighbour’s open space with other people while it rained with just a plastic cover, which was not enough for everyone. There is no electricity, no Internet connection and water shortage at the moment.

They have not been able to gauge how much damage has been done to the church building and our home. Once everything gets settled they will be able to get a better idea, which will be updated.

My parents-in-laws are also safe but there has been damage done to the house.  They both spent their nights in the open space. My father-in-law is a chronic asthma patient and staying out in cold is affecting his health. We are worried about what we can do at this situation when most of the houses are unsafe to get in.

So we would like to request you all if you could remember our families back home at this difficult situation. Your prayers and support will be highly appreciated.

MORE FROM KARUNA IN MAY: After the second lot of big shocks the families and children sleep outside for fear of more.  More damage and more repairs needed.  Any help is especially needed just now.

More from Pastor Rinzi, May 1:

Still people could not get out from the ground where the houses are collapsed. Today we visited some of our members and their community.  They do not have any help from government.  They are hungry from  4 days. They don’t have shelter to live and no tents. This is in Kathmandu where villages are. We provided rice and 40 tents for them.

(The earthquake is not yet stopped till today)

We are glad for your prayer thank you so much for uplifting the disaster of Nepal.

Immediate needs for these people: We are raising the funds and ask to our church members to help them, so what we received we provide them. We need your support and prayer. Please Please please!

Immediate needs: First priority, to provide the things for two thousand people related with our church.
1. Tent for salter
2. Blanket and mosquito nets.
3. Rice for food

Rebuild and settle the houses where these areas are affected by earthquake.

Photos from Rinzi (click to enlarge): “We are continuing to take relief supplies where they have not received. Thank you for your prayers.”

Rinzi shelterRinzi homeRinzi vanRinzzi rollsRinzi people

Rinzi children**************************

We can pass on your help from our Australian mission account:
Geoffrey Waugh, BSB 014249, Ac. 5647 11123.
Every little bit helps a lot.

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