8 Keys to Godly Living

Keys to godly living

Adapted from “8 things God won’t ask you” (God Vine) 

Car1. It’s not what kind of car you drive.
It’s how many people you drive who don’t have transportation.

ten Boom House
2. It’s not the square footage of your house.
It’s how many people you welcomed into your home.

Shoes3. It’s not the clothes you have in your closet.
It’s how many you helped to clothe.

BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION OF CANADA - Gift-filled sh4. It’s not what your highest salary was.
It’s how you obtained it and what you did with it.

nurse-appreciation5. It’s not what your job title was.
It’s whether you performed your job to the best of your ability.

Friends6. It’s not how many friends you had.
It’s how many people to whom you were a friend.

homeless-jesus7. It’s not in what neighbourhood you live.
It’s how you treated your neighbours.

 MLK 8. It’s not about the colour of your skin.
It’s about the content of your character.

Adapted from “8 things God won’t ask you” (God Vine)

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